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isonprize (and chat away)

I was watching the President arrive in Philadelphia today and as he met the supporters waiting to greet him, I saw him shake hands with and talk to a tall, striking young man in a red t-shirt. (From 2:07 on in the video).

I just happened to record it, but didn’t get the chance to upload and post it. (Until now).

And then Isonprize left this comment:

So, I’ve been volunteering on the campaign since 2007 and I always try to volunteer for the Pres. Obama events. So, it helps to work the campaign (and do what you say you are going to do!) and get to know your regional field director. Whenever there is a presidential event, try to volunteer for it and get to the training on time!

Me getting to the airport this time was sheer luck …. a few planes landed, then about a 5 minute lag, and all off a sudden you see this HUGE plane gradually getting bigger and bigger, closer and closer. The distinctive ‘hump’ on the front of Air Force One was visible. I immediately knew that getting up at 5:30 this morning was ALL WORTH IT!!

Air Force One touched down as smooth as butter then disappear behind some of the airport buildings to taxi around to where we were. WHERE WE WERE!!!!

…. Then Pres, Obama walked straight over to us. I got video of him walking. I LOVE THAT MAN’S STRIDE!!! (:oops: Sorry Chica, I’ll behave) My son was the 3rd hand he shook.

My son said “Hi, President Barack Obama!”

He said. “Well, who is this tall young man? So, nice to meet you!”

I caught the audio on tape, but not the video because I was so close and so nervous, I forgot how to use my video camera. But I recovered enough to get them in the same frame of the camera shot.

Pres. Obama just seems so down to earth, so ‘normal’.

…. He spoke or shook hands with every single person, then waved and hopped in the “beast” I got some video of the motorcade and Air Force One just chillin’ on the runway.

Then I dropped my son off for the rest of his day. And crazy me? I went and canvassed some turf for election day. Ran into a few folks that forget it was election day (!!), got 7 campaign volunteers and knocked about 50 doors. Wanna lose some weight? Canvass in a city neighborhood. Going up and down those stairs is a workout!!! Then I voted, got the kid, got some din-din, and here I am.

All in all, an AWESOME DAY!!


Isonprize? You’re an inspiration, press on! Thrilled you and your son had such a memorable day.



4:15: The President holds a bilateral meeting with President Silva of Portugal.

8:35 PM: Delivers remarks at the National Women’s Law Center’s annual awards dinner.


Magnificent. Thanks GoBrooklyn


Ohio? We salute you!

President Barack Obama helps spell out “Ohio” with the Weithman family in Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 18, 2010



let’s do this….

From isonprize:

TODville. I have a favor to ask. You’ve seen my occasional rants about how people with disabilities are (mis) treated in these United States.

Will you please, please, PLEASE sign this White House ‘We the People’ petition and pass it on to your friends and families?

***** You can sign the petition here *****

It’s about funding Medicaid so that people with disabilities can get the proper supports they need in the community in which they live.

You’ll need a WhiteHouse gov account which you can get from the link. And please remember to go back and sign the petition. We need 5,000 signatures for it to get to the Policy folks at the White House.

Sign and share the petition– Support people with disabilities and seniors!

Thank you. Me and my son really REALLY appreciate if you can take a few seconds to do this.




Let’s get tweeting:

If you’d like to re-tweet this message (which includes the link to the petition) just click here – and re-tweet!

Thank you Isonprize







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