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This Isn’t A Game


Rise and Shine


1:05: President Obama delivers a statement about the economy


Eugene Robinson: A new America speaks

So much for voter suppression. So much for the enthusiasm gap. So much for the idea that smug, self-appointed arbiters of what is genuinely “American” were going to “take back” the country, as if it had somehow been stolen.

On Tuesday, millions of voters sent a resounding message to the take-it-back crowd: You won’t. You can’t. It’s our country, too.

…. Nationwide, roughly three of every 10 voters Tuesday were minorities. African Americans chose Obama by 93 percent, Latinos by 71 percent and Asian Americans, the nation’s fastest-growing minority, by 73 percent.

….. On Tuesday, the America of today asserted itself. Four years ago, the presidential election was about Barack Obama and history. This time, it was about us — who we are as a nation — and a multihued, multicultural future.

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‘Romney’s Transition Site’

Political Wire


Here’s that video again of the cold, aloof professorial fella:


Morning everyone! Have to rush, but will be back later with updates. 😉


as promised

Demonstrators gathered in Dublin to show their solidarity with the people of Libya in their struggle against Muammar Gaddafi and his regime

Politico: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton late Thursday announced that the U.S. and NATO have agreed to transition command and control of the no-fly zone over Libya to NATO, a step toward fulfilling President Obama’s directive that the U.S. military’s involvement be time-limited and discrete in nature.

“As expected we are already seeing a significant reduction in the number of U.S. planes involved in the operation as the number of planes from other countries increase,” Clinton said, 

“today we are taking the next step.”

“All 28 allies have also now authorized military authorities to develop an operations plan for NATO to take on the broader civilian protections mission under resolution 1973.”

Clinton praised the international community for acting swiftly and said their action prevented a massacre in Benghazi. 

“After only five days, we have made significant progress,” Clinton said, noting that the coalition has full control of the skies over Libya and USAID doctors have already begun to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Benghazi.



Oooops, these two headlines appear side by side on The Page (Time magazine) today:

Halperin probably hasn’t spotted the problem yet, he’s too busy writing yet another ‘PALIN 2012 – WHOOOOO HOOOO!’ story







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