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All Times Eastern

10:40 AM President Obama departs the White House

1:25 PM Arrives in Joplin, Missouri

1:50 PM Visits with those in the community effected by last week’s tornadoes

3:0 PM Delivers brief remarks at a memorial service held by local clergy and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

4:30 PM Departs Missouri

7:0 PM Arrives at the White House


President Obama leaves the White House for a visit to tornado devastated Joplin

Kansas City Star: When President Barack Obama arrives in Joplin today, he will find a quintessential small American city splintered and stunned. People who have witnessed both say the destruction of neighborhoods in the path of last Sunday’s tornado is akin to the aftermath of a nuclear weapon.

But the president will also find a city picking itself up, caring for its citizens, comforting its bereaved and planning for a future that looks much different than it did one week ago.

A massive outpouring of public and private support has sustained Joplin. And as the president arrives in town, it is worth considering the role of government at multiple levels in responding to the crisis.

A pernicious story line, recited on talk radio, in state legislatures and in some quarters of Washington, says that government can’t do anything right. Government is the problem, Ronald Reagan famously said. And a vast political and business alliance works furiously to make his declaration a self-fulfilling prophecy by underfunding vital programs and disparaging public employees.

But when disaster strikes, we expect government to work. We need it to work. Last week, it did…..

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Thank you Loriah


Morning everyone. I won’t have a chance to post again until later today, so see you all then. I’ve also fallen way behind with replies to emails and comments, but I hope to catch up today too – sorry for the delay! Have a great day 😉







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