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one last thing….

So, before I called it a night I was practicing that quadruple forward flip I did at the White House the other day….

….and just having one last look at that completely random photo…

….and then my email went “Ding!” and I saw this……

You know who you are, you bundle of loveliness 😉

Thank you so much!


thank you (new videos added)

The boy in this photo speaks in the video below, from 4:12:


thanks mitt!

CBS: … Mitt Romney jumped into the 2012 presidential race today with a video that reminds voters of one of his greatest strengths as a candidate: his economic credentials. Democrats, meanwhile, are busy reminding voters of one of his biggest weaknesses as a candidate in the Republican presidential primary: his association with health care reform.

Democratic officials in key primary states are holding “celebrations” this week to mark the fifth-year anniversary of the health care plan Romney implemented in Massachusetts.

The White House has said the nation has Romney to thank for inspiring the president’s health care overhaul…so it was clearly tongue-in-cheek when the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced that tomorrow, politicians and health care advocates will hold an event to “thank Romney for providing the critical momentum necessary to get President Obama’s vision of health reform through Congress and signed into law”.

“Mitt Romney is nothing short of a founding father of modern health reform,” reads a press release from the state party, “a person who has left an indelible mark on Massachusetts’ health care reform as well as the national health reform law and its major elements, including the individual responsibility provision which is critical to making the law work and lowering costs for all who enter the system.”

…The Tuesday event in Concord will feature over-sized thank you card as well a birthday cake to mark the anniversary of Romney’s plan… Democrats in Iowa are holding a similar event at a children’s furniture and accessories shop called Simply for Giggles….

…The DNC says on its blog that other states are holding their own events to mark the anniversary of Romney’s plan. It says the Massachusetts reforms “helped blaze a trail for progressive reform” and points out that Romney stood by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, a liberal icon, as he signed the state reforms into law.

The DNC is encouraging its supporters to tweet, “Thanks @mittromney, founding father of health care reform, on its 5th bday! B/c of you, nat’l health care reform is a reality! #fitn #TYMitt.”


trumka: labor owes walker a ‘thank you’

National Journal: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has two words for Scott Walker: “Thank You.”

The Wisconsin governor’s plan to restrict collective-bargaining rights for government employees, which unexpectedly passed Wednesday night in the state Senate, has energized the labor movement in a way not seen in a generation, Trumka said.

“We probably should have invited him today to receive the Mobilizer of the Year award. In your lifetime, have you ever seen this much solidarity? Have you ever seen this much excitement?”

….Trumka said the controversy has helped shift the focus away from austerity measures to collective-bargaining rights and the economic health of the middle class. “This is a debate we’ve wanted to have for 20-25 years,” he said. “Well, guess what? Suddenly, the debate came to us. And here’s the most beautiful part of it: We’re winning that debate with the American people,” he said.

More here



“bullying is not a rite of passage”

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama meet with students and parents from the Conference on Bullying Prevention in the Oval Office of the White House, March 10

President Obama opened a White House conference on bullying Thursday morning by telling students and parents that picking on kids isn’t a “rite of passage” — and he said that when he was younger, he was a victim of it as well. “With big ears and the name that I have, I wasn’t immune,” Obama said. “I didn’t emerge unscathed.”

In listing reasons that kids may be bullied, Obama mentioned skin color, disabilities and sexual orientation. “Bullying can have destructive consequences for our young people,” he said. “Sometimes we overlook the real damage that bullying can do.”

….with Maryland’s First Lady Katie O’Malley

First lady Michelle Obama sits with Emily and Sarah Buder. The Buder sisters started a letter-writing campaign to raise a bullied girl’s spirits and turned the project into a book.


thanks a million!

Okay, it looks like this little blog is going to …. gulp …. reach the million-hits mark over the next day or two. This isn’t a ‘look at me!’ self-congratulatory post, I promise – it’s just a ginormous thank you to everyone who has visited and/or commented since October 2009. It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting up with you all, you’re great people with the kindest of hearts.

But hey, if you think I’ve been busy, have a look at this fella:



thank you


this is what change looks like


a promise kept







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