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‘a shallow tank’

Robert Shrum: Shortly after Donald Trump was fired as his poll numbers receded faster than his real hairline, Mitch Daniels became the latest candidate to flee the contest …. Mike Huckabee would rather be rich and on television … Haley Barbour would rather be his good ole boy self. And the third Bush (Jeb), along with John Thune, would rather be president in 2016 than a losing nominee in 2012. So would Chris Christie who’s presently pear-shaped in his home state polls and probably couldn’t carry it against Barack Obama.

…So who’s left to jump into this shallow tank… Her sell-by date may be passing, but the once and obvious entrant could be Sarah Palin. That cure would be worse than the illness. Fox’s Roger Ailes apparently, and rightly, has come to the conclusion that she’s “stupid” … It looks like she’d rather be raking in the dollar bills …. but she might suddenly tweet her way in…

Palin’s delay supposedly leaves room for Michele Bachmann, Minnesota congresswoman, Tea Party firebrand, and patriotic Mrs. Malaprop, who recently relocated the start of the American Revolution to Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire…

Then there’s Paul Ryan whose stunning proposal to dismantle Medicare has already put the House Republican majority in jeopardy … Ryan insists he won’t run; Democrats wish he would…

….the dissatisfaction represents a verdict on the inauthentic Mitt Romney, the inconceivable Newt Gingrich, and the implausible Tim Pawlenty, who just announced to the national sound of one hand clapping.

….Romney, once pro-choice, pro-stem-cell research, and pro-health reform, has decided to repudiate his past … he, as Sen. Edward Kennedy once said, isn’t “pro-choice, but multiple choice.” Meanwhile, Pawlenty grovels on stage at the first candidates’ debate as he cravenly crawls away from his record on climate change and cap and trade.

Jon Huntsman, who in a sensible party would be taken seriously, has already taken a similar road, but negotiated it with a certain degree of cleverness and credibility … (but) what will he say now about his past support – as governor of Utah, no less – for civil unions? Can the GOP abide a conservative with a tinge of moderation ….

… thoroughly beaten they will be if Republicans entirely lose their heads and settle on Rick Santorum, a defeated and far right senator from Pennsylvania – or Herman Cain, the one time CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, who now peddles hate speech instead of pepperoni…

Plainly, this is a weak and hobbled field. … from Jeb Bush to Mitch Daniels, they don’t want to do this … They anticipate that in the end, at high noon on Jan. 20, 2013, Barack Obama will raise his right arm and take the oath of office from a chief justice who will get the words right the second time around….

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peace offering

Caption: How Egyptians handled military

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Tiananmen Square, 1989









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