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yes. it’s called your phone bill.


Here’s how it works:

The US makes a backup copy of the telecom records. They can’t access that info without a FISA warrant, unlike what Bush did – warrantless everyfrakingthing…. and actual wiretapping. That’s not what’s happening now. No one in the US GOV cares that you are addicted to Facebook. However, HBO (a private corporation) cares that you’re downloading Game of Thrones illegally. There’s a difference.

Most people aren’t really processing what Snowdon said; that he could wiretap/listen/access whatever… not that he did, or that anyone else has ever or that it’s going on OMG constantly to OMG everyone in the US 24/7, yet that’s how the OMG-HAIR-ON-FIRE media is making it out. I’m curious how Snowdon’s private sector employer feels about their, uhm, employee.

It’s funny, but how the frak did this Snowdon guy, get a $200k a year gig in Hawaii with no high school diploma, and never finishing a single computer class, in the first place? Seriously, I’m more qualified than he is. And how does he know exactly what he can and cannot do, when I’m not sure how much of a grasp he really has on how the technology works….. and why it might be necessary…. having been at that job for only a short time? I’ve just got a whole problem with this dude’s story. I’m not saying what he leaked was completely inaccurate, but since the media has very little interest these days in anything more than pouring gasoline on the fire of their own hysteria, and actually researching a story for accuracy, that I have my doubts.

Here’s the deal….

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Rise and Shine










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This, That (and the Other)




2:0: Michelle Obama speaks to grassroots supporters in Cincinnati

9:25: Michelle Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event in Seattle

CBS have the first speech in their schedule, not sure whether the second one will be shown



Detroit News: General Motors said its September sales rose 1.5 percent to 210,245 vehicles, marking its best September since 2008.

Chrysler Group LLC beat analyst expectations as its September sales rose 12 percent, while Ford Motor Co. sales remained flat in September compared to the same month a year ago.

GM said passenger car sales jumped 29 percent from the same month a year ago, while sales of mini, small and compacts shot up a combined 97 percent.

….. Chrysler reported its best September sales total in five years. The Auburn Hills automaker sold 142,041 vehicles last month; September also marked the 30th consecutive month that Chrysler has experienced year-over-year sales gains.

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CNNMoney: American Express will refund $85 million for what government officials called deceptive practices involving about 250,000 customers.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Monday that American Express (AXP, Fortune 500) subsidiaries illegally charged late fees, deceived customers by promising non-existent money rewards, and discriminated against new applicants over the age of 35.

“Laws were violated at all stages of the game,” said CFPB director Richard Cordray in a statement …. In addition to refunding customers, American Express will pay a $27.5 million penalty…

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Quinnipiac: An 18 point lead among women puts President Barack Obama ahead of Gov. Mitt Romney 49 – 45 percent among likely voters nationwide, and voters expect 54 – 28 percent that the president will win the debates, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

…. “It is very difficult to win an election when you are getting shellacked among women,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac.

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A Word from Tally: Election 2012 simplified – It’s All About The Supreme Court, Stupid


 by Tally

 For all the Purists, EmoProgs, anyone contemplating sitting this election out, those who are easily swayed by the TEAGOP(Koch)MediaPunditry™, (and friends & family of such who are at their wit’s end at their stubborn insanity), this is for you.

This is a simple election. Just ask yourself: DO YOU HATE CITIZENS UNITED?

The next President will nominate a minimum of three justices to the Supreme Court. (Perhaps five.) 
If that’s Romney, we’re stuck with Citizens United and a Neocon SCOTUS for the next generation. And that would be just the beginning. They want to go back to appointing the Senate. Hell, they really don’t want anyone to vote.

Every American’s responsibility should be to STOP ROMNEY from being elected POTUS. 
He will be more of a puppet than W ever was.

That means voting third party is NOT AN OPTION. Not until we have instant runoff elections.

I don’t care if you hate President Obama. Stop pretending Nader voters didn’t fuck the rest of the country (and the globe) in 2000, you whining toddler.

McSweeney’s explains perfectly: “The results were cataclysmic. In a year where a few thousand votes would have swung the election, George W. Bush was elected. Within two years, he had started two wars. These wars cost 137,000 civilian lives, 6,419 American soldiers’ lives (4,488 in Iraq and 1,931 in Afghanistan), cost upwards of $4 trillion, and put the country $15,904,628,648,096 in debt. He put together the most conservative Supreme Court in American history, and the world was thrown into the worst global recession in 79 years.”

Please read the rest of that brilliant piece here:

If you have a functioning brain stem, you must understand that Romney along with Norquist and the Koch Brother’s help will end our Democracy. It’s happening now with the GOP in Congress, who got there because a bunch of Progressives pouted, and stayed home.


Romney (via Norquist, Rove, Adelson, & Kochs) will:

Start a war with Iran (Sheldon Adelson has already paid for this.)
 …. Reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
 …. Outlaw gay marriage, and try to outlaw gay adoption
 …. Repeal Roe v Wade …. Attempt to outlaw (female) contraception/allow PHARMA to charge what ever they want for it …. End/close the CFPB …. Repeal Dodd Frank and go back to deregulated finance (that needs MORE regulation.) …. Repeal the ACA and make sure the NON-PROFIT exchanges which are set to destroy the current FOR-PROFIT Health Insurance Industry, never open …. Repeal Lilly Ledbetter Act …. Attempt to require prayer in schools
 ….. Make Creationism a requirement in public school curriculum …. End the EPA
 …. End the Department of Education …. Starve our public schools even more than they already are
 so they can PRIVATIZE the entire education system in the US …. Make ALL our Universities FOR PROFIT
 …. Privatize Medicare
 …. Privatize Social Security
 …. End Medicaid
 …. End Unemployment Insurance …. End Food Stamps …. End Disability Insurance
 …. RE-Privatize Airport Security
(that allowed 19 men with box cutters to board 4 airliners.) …. Outlaw Labor Unions …. End the FDA …. Go back to ALL the Bush policies that destroyed the global economy …. Get rid of the Minimum Wage …. Make all 50 states Right To Work (for next-to-nothing)

It wouldn’t surprise me if they legalize rocket launchers via the NRA lobby. The list is endless.

A vote for ANYONE other than President Obama = a vote for Romney via the hackable e-voting 
machines that can be flipped by remote. Third party votes won’t be watched, and can be siphoned off so simply (link)


President Obama is more Progressive than half the Dems in Congress. Only SIX have ever voted to fund the closing of GITMO, even though President Obama signed an EO on his 2nd day in office.’t-blame-obama-only-6-democratic-senators-voted-to-fund-closing-gitmo.html

And the GOP & BlueDogs wrote the NDAA and had enough votes to override a Presidential Veto, which is why President Obama wrote what he wrote in his signing statement (link).

If you’re going to whine about something, you’d better be certain you’ve got ALL the information, not just what some pundit, agency, or politician wants you to know (link).

If the GOP take control, this might be your last Presidential election. DO NOT STAY HOME. DO NOT PISS AWAY YOUR VOTE. The entire WORLD will be effected by it.


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A Word from Tally: ‘Obamacare Is An Epic Win For Everyone’

The main thing you must know: The GOP’s SuperSugarDaddies™ are: The NRA, BIG OIL, BIG PHARMA, and BIG HEALTH. BIG HEALTH does NOT like Obamacare because it makes them spend money on actual CARE or else issue refunds. It forces them to cover sick people. It prevents them from dropping people so they don’t have to pay their claims. That means LESS MONEY FOR BIG HEALTH, and by extension, the GOP. If the ACA was such a giant gift to the BIG HEALTH insurers, why do they all want it repealed so badly? Everything the GOP says about Obamacare is a LIE.

Anyone who walks into a hospital in the United States MUST BE TREATED whether they can pay for it or not. That is the law. The money for that doesn’t come from the GOP’s Magic Infinite Money Tree™.

Healthcare IS A TAX NOW on the entire population, and has been forever  – more so on the middle class who pay a higher tax rate than people like Mitt Romney. Everyone pays for the millions of people who either cannot afford it, or can afford it and refuse to buy insurance. We pay for it in taxes. We pay in overpriced premiums, and overpriced care.


More people in the pool = less cost for everyone, and eventually everyone will get their coverage from the NON-PROFITS going onto the exchanges in 2014 who will offer BETTER PLANS for LESS MONEY because they don’t have $12mill CEOs to pay or stocks to sell. Only idiots will continue to throw money at for-profit insurers.

Sure, those who can afford a plan but still refuse to buy one will have to pay a tax penalty. So what? THEY SHOULD. The good news is, the rest of us will save money by not picking up their tab anymore.

Healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses will be in demand. Millions of JOBS created. Students going into the healthcare field will be guaranteed work!

OBAMACARE IS EPIC WIN FOR EVERYONE! (Except the GOP who, like a bullying, abusive partner, hates anything good unless they create it.)


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A Word from Tally: Our broken media – and by extension, all of us.

This is long. Go get a beverage.

I had a conversation with some friends of mine who are so angry at the John Edwards mistrial, they can hardly see. They personally hate him with the passion of a thousand suns, and believe that no matter how much good someone has done, it’s all negated by the bad.

It made me really think about how misled we all are as a country, thanks largely to our broken Media/Press, and how misplaced our anger and outage is.

First let me say that I’m BEYOND angry with John and Elizabeth Edwards. I’ll get to that later, but first:

–        How many people out there have thought this trial has been about misuse of campaign funds?

–        How many people are aware of the six specific charges brought against John Edwards?

–        How many people wondered WHY Edwards is being charged when so many others seem to do the same thing or worse, with not only full impunity, but encouragement?

Now think about the source you got your information from.

For those of you unsure, here are the six charges:

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Veterans and Military Families for Obama


Coming up:

10:45 ET: Vice President Joe Biden discusses the Obama administration’s efforts in the U.S. manufacturing and auto industries in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

CNN live streaming (coverage has started)




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A Word from Tally: A response to BWD

First I want to thank BWD for her amazing, heartfelt piece on Marriage Equality. Everyone should have that experience, and feel that way. I really feel if more people cared about the happiness and well being of others, this would be a much better world. Perhaps that is all it will take – personal experience.

Alas, we are not there today. In fact I feel that if we’re not careful, and don’t recognize RightWing PropagandaBait when it’s thrown at us (thanks to our GOPWHOREMEDIA™®), we’re going to give this election to the crazies.

I am just about at the end of my rope regarding the shortsightedness of the Left.

I am straight. I never woke up and made a decision that I was going to like men. I just do. It was never a choice.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in Theatre, and in the Entertainment Industry. It’s hard to avoid if you live here. I have countless friends who are gay. Most of them are in more stable, long-term relationships than my straight friends. Many of them married during the brief window of legality, only to have forces of hate from across the country send in millions of dollars – including donations from Mitt Romney – to fund taking away the rights of other humans they disagree with.

Yes. Marriage (and complete) Equality should be a no-brainer. No one’s marriage has any affect whatsoever on another’s. But what we’ve witnessed during the Prop 8 fight here in California has shown that there are not only a majority on the Right who disagree vehemently with this, and feel the government should be given jurisdiction over who can love and marry whom, there are many on the Left, that for whatever reason, religious or otherwise, also (unfortunately still) feel the same.

Yet today, there is a new groundswell for President Obama to come out before the biggest, most important, and what maybe the most contentious election in my lifetime, in support for repealing DOMA. Of course many Liberal Bloggers who didn’t get their Progressive Pony due to all the GOP and BlueDog obstruction are once again putting their PL EmoProg hats on and whining about every problem President Obama didn’t instantly fix with his Magic Harry Potter Wand™, and have jumped on the End DOMA Yesterday bandwagon, because life wouldn’t be complete without something to complain about.

Take The Nation’s Richard Kim who whines that President Obama has “evolved rightward” on his position on Marriage Equality (subscribe for free for access).

Dear EmoProgs,

Seriously? This is your line in the sand for the most Progressive President in the last 50 years who has done more for LGBT rights than any other President? You want to force him to say more than he already has, and mock him for his stance on it?

Why, exactly? What do you hope you’ll gain? That he’ll come out and say YES, I’m all for getting rid of DOMA before the election? Because……. you think that the LGBT people who will vote for him outnumber the crazies on the Right, and the religious on the Left who disagree? Really? You really think that President Obama will win in a landslide if he does that?

If you honestly believe that, you’re dreaming. If it didn’t work in California for Prop H8te, then it’s not going to work on a National level, and we’ll end up with President Romney who will repeal every single supportive law for LGBT people including DADT, AND then some!

What’s even worse, he will appoint at least THREE SCOTUS judges, who will be überCorporate, überConservative, and überReligious. How is THAT going to help the LGBT community, when in their hearts they want to make it illegal to be gay?

President Obama stated that he is all for “Civil Unions” that afford ALL the rights of straight married couples. Let me share a simple factoid with you: That is EXACTLY what marriage is in the USA – A CIVIL UNION. You can get married all you want in any church, but until you complete a Marriage License and have it signed by someone who is LEGALLY appointed BY THE STATE to marry you, then FILE IT with your STATE CAPITAL, you ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED. PERIOD.



However, if we push this right now, and President Obama doesn’t get a second term, then Romney will amend the US Constitution and no one alive today will ever see equal rights for the LGBT community.

Let’s get President Obama re-elected, and send him a LIBERAL ARMY that will work WITH HIM, and you will see equal rights and Marriage Equality for everyone during his second term – AND at least THREE LIBERAL SCOTUS JUSTICES.

 It’s the Supreme Court, stupid.


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I know most of you don’t want to hear about this issue any more, so please just ignore this post if you feel that way and let others get on with discussing it. Thanks.


a word from tally: call to action

by Tally


(Yes, that means click the link after the snippet.)

I know everyone is frustrated at the level of incompetence, ignorance, and outright stupidity of the American public, and their preference for ALL THINGS LOHAN over things that personally make their lives better like Affordable Healthcare, and actually, I don’t know…VOTING. I get it. Me too. However, I have to say that I for one, am sick to death of hearing, “The White House/President Obama’s messaging on the ACA <or insert your pet topic here> has been horrid…. waaaaaaaaaah…”

Stop. Take a deep breath. Now THINK: Has the Press/Media ever, in your lifetime, so actively ignored and mislead the public on a Presidency and the legislation it’s trying to bring forward? (Of course, it doesn’t help that the Media™® is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP. Forget that fact at the peril of us all.)

– Since when did it become okay to shirk your own personal responsibility to learn and gather information you are lacking? Wasn’t that the Prime Directive you learned in school – if you don’t know something, you know how and where to look it up?

– Since when is the Executive Branch of the US Government in the PRESS/MEDIA business? Where does it say in their job description, they must communicate all details of what is happening to the American public and by-extension, the GLOBE, personally, to every US Citizen? Isn’t that our “Fourth Estate’s JOB”? Isn’t that really, the true job of our “PRESS”? Isn’t that exactly WHY they were given the licenses they were given in the first place? If you’re going to call someone out for lack of communication, shouldn’t it be the PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY?

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a word from tally: the affordable care act

by Tally

What is the Conservative God? Money. What is the Conservative goal? Pure capitalism. How do they achieve that? Kill the public sector so the private sector can do the same thing, but make a PROFIT using fewer people to do more work for less money. (Killing jobs for profit. You know, like Mitt Romney.)

Once upon a time, Health Insurance in the United States was a regulated industry. Then President Reagan deregulated it, and until President Obama signed the ACA into law on March 23rd, 2010, it was legal for a Health Insurance company to take your money for 20+ years, then drop you once you needed serious coverage, and never give you a refund.

Ever since the beginning of The Great Health Care Reform Fight, the GOP has been screaming that this is a “GIFT” to the Health Insurance industry, and everyone on the Right have done everything they can think of to either overturn it, or “take back” the government so they can repeal it.

I want you to go read that paragraph again. Doesn’t it seem odd? To me it’s like the laws of gravity ceasing to exist on Earth because the Health Insurance industry (and by extension, BIG PHARMA) is one of the largest donors to the GOP.

If the ACA is the giant “gift” the GOP wants you to believe it is, why are the Health Cartels™ spending billions of dollars for lobbyists and donations to the GOP to repeal it? If it’s a “gift”, where are the campaigns from Anthem and Aetna trying to make it permanent? Where are the commercials from United Healthcare saying how much they love the ACA? Why aren’t the GOP candidates singing its praises since it’s theoretically pouring more money into their Sugar Daddy’s pockets, and ultimately their own?

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