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A Life Saved Thanks To ObamaCare



Amy Lynn Smith: Young Woman With A Heart Condition Can Finally Get The Care She Needs Thanks To The ACA

When Jae Stewart was 14 years old, she collapsed in the gym while playing basketball. The doctors said she had a heart murmur and sent her on her way, but little did Jae know this was the beginning of a lifetime of heart trouble. Jae had her first heart attack at age 21 and another after a serious car accident a few years later. She had her first stroke before she was 30. Jae didn’t have insurance at all for many years. She’s an occupational therapist, but in 2012, when she had her stroke, her employer didn’t provide health insurance. She was sent to one of the best heart hospitals in Texas, where everyone thought she’d get great care. But that’s not what happened About 15 minutes later a guy walks in and tells me I’m being discharged.

I couldn’t even walk, because every time I got up my blood pressure would bottom out or go through the ceiling. I didn’t even have a ride home. I couldn’t believe they were going to discharge me after I had a stroke. The guy told me if I felt I needed to be there I had to go back through the ER to get admitted again. So Jae is enormously grateful for Obamacare. She’s been covered since early 2014. Her premium this year is $402 per month because she doesn’t qualify for a tax subsidy, but her other costs are low. Her annual deductible is $1,000 and her out-of-pocket maximum is $3,250. She pays $25 to see her doctor and $50 for specialists. Best of all, her prescription medications have zero co-pay. Not only does this make Jae’s healthcare costs more manageable, it means she can afford to see her doctors regularly so they can figure out exactly what’s going on with her heart.

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