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those bedroom slippers……

Thanks for this Ladyhawke. At Jay Carney’s briefing today the major issue of our times – bedroom slippers – was raised.

Ann Compton, White House correspondent for ABC News Radio, asked:

“Twice you answered that you heard the President tell other groups to stop complaining. Can you tell us whether any other groups have been told to “take off their bedroom slippers”? And should anybody in the ballroom that night take offense at the President’s admonishment to “take off their bedroom slippers and start marching”?”

Okay, so Compton was implying that the President has only ever told African Americans (at the Congressional Black Caucus) to take off their bedroom slippers and start marching.

It took literally 10 seconds using the search function on to find this:

North Carolina State University, September 14, 2011 (23:40 in the original video – here) – speaking to an audience made up of every race, color and creed.

Quality journalism, eh?


Sorry, just saw on Twitter that Pragmatic Obots Unite! already posted on this – see here

Truly, some people just keep on embarrassing themselves:

Anthea Butler (associate professor of religion at the University of Pennsylvania): I was perturbed by his rhetorical delivery and statements like “taking off your slippers.” Seriously. Has the president ever asked a white Democratic audience to “take off your slippers?”

Yep Anthea, he has. 😉







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