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The professional left, as you know, aren’t happy: their beloved Anthony Weiner is in a spot of bother. And if I had a dollar for every time I read them cite Martin Luther King’s, eh, active social life when posting their support for Weiner on various websites, I’d have the price of an iPad 2.


(You have to love the last comment – “King gets a pass because his assassination was literal”. I don’t even know where to start with that one, so I won’t. But the person who posted it is a self-described ‘progressive’).


Now, if you were trying to compare Weiner’s woes to other high profile Democrats/liberals/activists who had trouble controlling their weiners, would a man who died over 40 years ago really be the first who’d spring to mind?

Not Bill Clinton? Or John Edwards? Or Eliot Spitzer? Or …. well, there have been quite a few in recent times.

Why Martin Luther King? If you were going that far back, why not JFK? Or RFK? And why choose someone who wasn’t even an elected politician – which is kind of the issue here with Weiner, isn’t it?


By the way, the professional left now have something in common with the turd that is Lee Siegel. The photo above comes from his article on the Daily Beast … “With all the commotion over Anthony Weiner’s gross and undignified online behavior, we have been too distracted to see that we have an even worse miscreant in our midst …. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Note the present tense: “…we have an even worse miscreant in our midst.” Has Siegel not heard MLK was assassinated in 1968?

So, Siegel has to travel back over four decades to find a perfect comparison with Weiner – because MLK was a “compulsive seducer of women, he lied to his closest aides and friends, and to his wife and children”. Well, that’s true, no Democrat/liberal/activist has behaved in that fashion since then. None at all.

Oh, forgot to mention: the professional left and Siegel have something else in common: they both loathe the President. You know, the guy who makes them think of MLK.

The best part of all this is that the professional left constantly bleat about the race card being used against them when they attack the President …. and then they bring MLK in to the debate about Weiner’s ‘problems’. You couldn’t make it up.


PS I was Googling stuff earlier on and up came a bunch of right-wing hate blogs making the same Weiner/MLK comparison. Sometimes it’s so hard to distinguish between the bigots on the right and the bigots on the left.







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