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Night owl chat – Brian Cox

For those of you unaware of who Brian Cox is:

Brian Edward Cox OBE (born 3 March 1968)[1] is an English physicist and former musicianProfessor, a Royal Society UniversityResearch FellowPPARC Advanced Fellow at the University of Manchester.[14][15] He is a member of the High Energy Physics group at the University of Manchester, and works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)[16][17] at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland. He is working on the research and development project of the FP420 experiment in an international collaboration to upgrade the ATLAS and the CMS experiment by installing additional, smaller detectors at a distance of 420 metres from the interaction points of the main experiments.[18][19][20][21]

Cox is best known to the public as the presenter of a number of science programmes for the BBC, boosting the popularity of subjects such as astronomy and physics.[22] He has been described as the natural successor for BBC’s scientific programming by both David Attenborough and the late Patrick Moore.[23][24] He also had some fame in the 1990s as the keyboard player for the pop band D:Ream.

He is one of my favorite presenters on the BBC, and I consume his programs voraciously. He breaks down the complexities of physics to a level that a layman such as myself (one who flunked university physics) can understand now in his middling years. He’s an atheist, and I’m a seeking agnostic, and we both share an overweening awe at the wonders of the universe.

To take you into Early Morning Chat, a speech by Dr. Cox, in which he expounds on the need for science education, and in which he castigates the media for ignoring science and taking on sensationalism. We will not be able to solve the grave problems facing us if we continue to ignore the science. President Obama, to his great and unending credit, believes in a reality-based world. We have to make sure in November that he has a Congress which believes so as well. Our fate as a species depends on it.

Dream big, night owls!







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