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Happy With ObamaCare? Millions Respond With A ‘Yes!’



Sara Kliff: The Best Study Done So Far Shows People With Obamacare Plans Like Their Plans

1) Most Obamacare enrollees like their coverage: The survey of Obamacare enrollees shows that about three-quarters (74 percent) rate their coverage as “excellent” or “good.” And 59 percent say that given what they’re paying, their plan is of “excellent” or “good” value. Here are five things we learned about Obamacare enrollees’ experience.

2) Obamacare enrollees are happy with doctor choice: When KFF drilled down further into what Obamacare enrollees do and don’t like about their plans, it found that most people were pretty happy with the choice of doctors — a somewhat surprising finding, given the fact that marketplace plans have relatively narrow networks.

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Kaiser Family Foundation: Survey Of Non-Group Health Insurance Enrollees, Wave 2

A large majority of those who renewed an ACA-compliant plan this year say it was very or somewhat easy to renew, including three-quarters of those with Marketplace plans (77 percent). About half (52 percent) say they were automatically re-enrolled, while 46 percent say they took action to renew their plan. About seven in ten (69 percent) of those who renewed an ACA-compliant plan say they did not shop around before renewing. The most common reason for not shopping was that they were satisfied with their current plan (35 percent). Most (59 percent) of those who did shop for a plan this year (including those who purchased a new plan and those who shopped around but decided to renew a previous plan) say they had about the right number of plans to choose from.

A large majority of those in ACA-compliant plans, including three quarters (74 percent) of those with Marketplace coverage, rate their overall health insurance coverage as excellent or good. More than half also say their plan is an excellent or good value for what they pay for it. Similar to findings from the 2014 survey, most people with ACA-compliant plans say they are satisfied with various elements of their plans, including their choice of providers, copays, premiums, and deductibles. Among those with Marketplace coverage, at least seven in ten say they are “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with their plan’s choice of primary care providers (75 percent) and hospitals (75 percent), as well as their copays for doctor’s visits (73 percent) and prescriptions (70 percent). About two-thirds (64 percent) say they are satisfied with their choice of specialists

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ObamaCare: Saving Lives And Keeping People Happy



Sarah Kliff: Obamacare Creates Choice. That’s Why People Like It

Obamacare enrollees are more satisfied with their health insurance plans than those who get coverage outside the health law’s marketplaces, a new survey finds. J.D. Power and Associates on Thursday published a consumer satisfaction survey that looked at both people getting coverage through Obamacare and those who get coverage elsewhere, typically through their employer. They used a 1,000-point scale to measure how much people liked their coverage.

People who had coverage through Obamacare had an average satisfaction score of 696 in 2014, thinking back to their last year of coverage. During that same year, people in mostly employer-based plans had a satisfaction rating of 679 — 17 points lower. The J.D. Power survey suggests that there’s another variable enrollees think a lot about: choice. And this might actually circle back to the cost issue. People shopping on Obamacare have the option to decide whether they want a plan with a high premium or a low one.

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The Power Of ObamaCare: Millions Happy With Their Health Coverage



Steve Benen: ACA Scores Big On Customer Satisfaction

When the Affordable Care Act’s Republican critics were making all kinds of dire predictions about the inevitable “failures” of “Obamacare,” one of the charges was that American consumers will end up hating the coverage they receive through the reform law. And for those ACA detractors looking for something, anything, to bolster their contempt for the law, I’m afraid I have more bad news: Americans who received coverage through Obamacare tend to be quite pleased with the results.

Obamacare customers nationally also tended to be more satisfied with their plans bought in 2014 than people who primarily have traditional job-based health coverage – the majority of those with insurance – the study by the J.D. Power market research company found. Politico reported back in November: “A majority of Americans give good reviews for insurance they recently acquired through government exchanges within the past year, a new poll shows. With the second round of Obamacare enrollment set to begin on Saturday, 71 percent said their coverage through the exchanges was good or excellent, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.

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