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evening all


Thanks Loriah


Steve Benen: …. As for why Michigan trees “are the right height” — unlike those other rascally states, where the trees are either too tall or too short — I’m yet to see someone explain what on earth Romney was talking about.

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The Week


Mediaite: Here’s a moment in recent history that you’ll be hearing a lot about this week: In a 2008 speech given at Ave Maria University (a Catholic institution), current presidential hopeful Rick Santorum warned those gathered that “Satan has his sights on the United States of America.”

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Michael Tomasky: …. Romney is just a coward. If he were half the man his father was, he would do something like what his father did in 1964, when he warned the party nominating Barry Goldwater that it was headed off the rails. (Today Goldwater, considered a fanatic in his day, would be maybe about the 15th-most-conservative Republican senator.) But all Romney cares about, all any of them care about, is getting and keeping political power. They can’t see the obvious paradox — that their lust for the White House is making them submit to all the wishes of a fanatical base, which is exactly what will keep them from winning the White House.

Remember that satirical Brecht line about it being perhaps easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect a new one? It’s not a new candidate the right needs. It’s a new electorate.

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Political Carnival



night everyone

Steve Benen: If you watch this clip you’ll see that President Obama, among his other talents, has the ability to make babies stop crying. (The look he gives the First Lady is priceless.)


Wish the President luck, he has to spend a few hours on the course tomorrow with Rusty and Union-busting Kasich.


Tally? You’re a legend 😉 And your mouth is waaaaaaay less potty than mine


Donna? Thank you again for all the great videos. Jovie, Loriah, Suzanne and GGail (to name but a few), thank you too for all the brilliant links to news and articles written by smart people 😉


Dan Choi’s poster at Netroots? No, no – a pro-Gaddafi supporter in ….. Sri Lanka:


Goodnight fellow supporters of ‘The World Biggest Satan’, see you tomorrow 😉







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