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How Hate Can Lead To Destruction


They were chanting about hanging Black students from trees. They were chanting about lynching Black students. This is 2015 and they were proud to sing about lynching Black people. They will cheer when their Black student athletes are busting their guts to win trophy after trophy for the school. But off the field? They’ll joyfully hang them from trees. People ask why racism hasn’t died? Here is your answer. Their great-great-grandparents, their great grandparents, their parents, all passed it down to them and they are simply carrying on tradition. Some people refuse to acknowledge that institutional racism exists. Here is institutional racism for you. These people are going to be the cops, lawyers, judges, bankers, university officials, teachers, realtors, city council members, etc., who make sure they harass Black residents like it was seen in Ferguson, who make sure they profit from the school to prison pipeline that destroys Black lives.

Who make sure that they provide bad loans to Black families as was revealed post 2007/2008 financial crisis. Who make sure that when showing Black families new homes, they show them way less than they show white families; even though their credit is stellar. This is not just about the University of Oklahoma. This just happened to be recorded and went viral this time. These are the racists who will interact with our Black children in all walks of life. This is the rot that is festering under the foundation of this country. It’s not just one isolated incident. We’ve made progress no doubt, and we will continue to make more. But for Black people, this is scary. This is hate. If they hadn’t been caught, what further dangerous steps would they have taken? This is how hate can lead to destruction. All because you don’t like the color of someone’s skin.


Thank you again, Mr. Yardarm for this. Relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow




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