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whisper it…..

I know, I know, don’t give out to me – poll-watching at this stage is as pointless as Rick Perry or Mitt Romney’s existence on earth. But, still, I thought this might be worth mentioning:

Remember when the President’s Gallup approval dropped to 38 two weeks ago? It was reported more widely than the landing on the moon. Well, almost. That was that, he was finished, a one-termer, we were reliably informed. And that’s been the narrative ever since, right?

Whisper it …. despite all the crappy jobs news, he’s risen 6 points in just two weeks, up to 44 today.

It’s still insanely low, no arguments at all. And his disapproval is way too high (50) – although that’s gone down 5 points in two weeks.

So, that’s an 11 point turnaround, from -17 to -6 in just 14 days.

Hey, I’m not suggesting we crack open the champagne, and I know these figures will continue to be a rollercoaster, depending on which way the wind is blowing. But an 11 point turnaround in two weeks is hardly insignificant – and puts more than a little dent in that narrative.

Not that it will change the narrative. “Oh, well, you can’t trust Gallup,” they’d probably say. Funny, they trusted them two weeks ago.


flashback …. the rising

Especially for ‘M’ 😉

CBS: Legendary musician Bruce Springsteen has written a letter to his New Jersey hometown newspaper taking issue with the policies of New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie.

In his letter to the Asbury Park Press, Springsteen – identified only as a resident of the town of Colts Neck – takes issue with tax “cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions.”

While the New Jersey icon doesn’t mention Christie by name, he takes aim at the governor’s policies, writing that “the cuts are eating away at the lower edges of the middle class, not just those already classified as in poverty, and are likely to continue to get worse over the next few years.”

Christie … is a professed Spingsteen fan, as the Los Angeles Times notes, having claimed to have attended more than 120 Springsteen concerts in his lifetime and attempted (unsuccessfully) to get the man known as The Boss to perform at his inauguration.

More here


his approval rating is tanking! oh….maybe not

CBS: President Obama’s overall job approval rating has risen in a new CBS News Poll, showing 3 percent more Americans feel he’s doing a good job than did a month earlier.

According to the survey conducted by phone between Nov. 29 and Dec. 2, 48 percent of Americans approve of Mr. Obama’s job handling, up from 45 percent in November.

Approval among independents has risen, also, from 40 percent last month to 45 percent now.

Americans also seem more optimistic about the country’s economic outlook than they have been for months. According to the new poll, 31 percent believe the economy is getting better, the highest number since April.

A whopping 82 percent said they favor the idea of the U.S. and Russia coming to an agreement to limit nuclear weapons, a huge show of support for the Obama administration’s push to have Congress ratify the new START treaty, which is being held up by Congressional Republicans. Only 12 percent of those questioned in the latest CBS News Poll said they were against such a treaty.









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