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On revolutionary fantasies


Noted Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon had this to say about the prospect of a Donald J. Trump presidency:

Let me tell you a bit about revolution.

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Leaders Don’t Wait For A Revolution. They Effect Change.




Of course Bernie Sanders wants to blow the system up, it is the same system by the way that has allowed him to sit on his ass up in Washington for thirty years and accomplish nothing of note. For all our lives black people have been told that in order to change the system you must do it from the inside, which is what President Obama has done. And now here comes Bernie Sanders preaching revolution, President Obama didn’t need a revolution to bring about Obamacare, he didn’t need a revolution to get Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions and give up its nuclear material. President Obama didn’t need a revolution to end DADT and to usher in marriage equality, nor did he need a revolution to change our disastrous policy against Cuba. I don’t recall any speech that President Obama has made that he has used the word “revolution.” So now you can throw the phrase “revolution” onto the same pile of trash that “make America great again” rests on.



we the people! (well, a couple of dozen of us)

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann speaks to millions of Tea Party Patriots at the “Continuing Revolution” rally on Capitol Hill, March 31

Steve Benen: Tea party organizers had high hopes for their rally today in Washington, DC – high enough hopes that they arranged for Fox to give it live coverage.

Then something sad happened. Just a few dozen people showed up. And Fox, naturally, blamed the weather.

Sen. Rand Paul, a Tea Party favorite who has an incentive to exaggerate the crowd size, said 200 people showed up, but if the media footage is at all accurate, even that pathetic number is inflated.

Put in this way: the number of reporters and Republican lawmakers, when combined, rivaled the size of the attendees. That’s not good.

As for Fox News blaming the weather, let’s not forget that tens of thousands of progressive activists showed up in the snow in Wisconsin a few weeks back. With federal spending on the line, today’s Tea Party crowd was less than 1% as big … because of a little rain? That’s just sad.

Chances are, this little get together will be forgotten by dinner time, but part of me wonders if it might end up having the opposite of the intended effect. The goal was to offer a right-wing show of force – with a shutdown deadline looming, lawmakers were supposed to think to themselves, “I better not cross those throngs of activists who gathered at the Capitol on March 31.”

But the point is, practically no one showed up. How many members of Congress will be afraid to cross “those tens of activists” who were on hand today?

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