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thank you (new videos added)

The boy in this photo speaks in the video below, from 4:12:


‘obama takes savvy stance on libyan war’

Daily Cardinal: …President Barack Obama has been rightfully wary of engaging the United States in another costly intervention in the region. He has steadfastly issued firm warnings to the dictator Qaddafi, treading a fine line between protecting American national security and acting on his democratic ideals. While the recent shift from strong words to military action is bold, the president is displaying international savvy in allowing France, Great Britain and Arab nations to take the lead on military action. The exclusion of an occupying force in the resolution is also important.

….Regardless of the final outcome, the Obama administration’s actions lie in stark contrast to the Bush administration’s in Iraq. The Bush administration carried out a massive public opinion campaign to shore up support for invasion of Iraq and snubbed the United Nations, as well as U.S. intel—suggesting weapons of mass destruction may not be present in order to unilaterally invade the country with occupying forces.

Playing chess, not checkers, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem to understand the complex nuances and implications of intervention in the region…. While the no-fly zone and airstrikes may not be enough to save the revolution in Libya, Obama’s sophisticated understanding of international relations has put the United States in a favorable situation with respect to the conflict.

By taking a backseat to European and Arab nations geographically and economically closer to the civil war, he has avoided the perception of America as a world police force — a role we cannot continue to play in the modern world of fiscal austerity and globalized movement toward economic parity. By not deploying an occupying force but still sending a strong message of support for democratic revolutionaries in North Africa and the Middle East, Obama has continued to deftly walk the fine line between ensuring national security and supporting freedom abroad.

Regardless of where you stand on the administration’s domestic policies, there is ample reason to trust our Commander-in-Chief to protect American interests and ideals around the world.

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