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Inflation Reduction Act


‘clinton, context, and coverage – a case study’

Steve Benen: If you perused the headlines on several prominent political news sites yesterday, you were led to believe that former President Clinton, in an interview with Newsmax, expressed his opposition to President Obama’s debt-reduction plan, or at least the provisions related to tax fairness.

….. Perhaps the most egregious was Time’s Mark Halperin, who ran this as the lead political story yesterday afternoon. The headline …., read, “42: No Tax Hikes.” The blurb told readers, “In Newsmax interview, Clinton says, ‘I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes … This has been a dead flat economy.’”

What did Clinton actually say? The quote from the former president is pretty straightforward: “I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending until we get this economy off the ground.”

Notice the difference between the quote and the media’s coverage?

First, these media outlets simply chose to ignore the part of the quote in which Clinton rejected spending cuts during a weak economy. Halperin went so far as to use ellipses to take out the part in which the former president dismissed the Republicans’ priority, misleading the reader about Clinton’s position.

…. Clinton and Obama are saying the same thing. There’s no excuse for these media outlets telling the public otherwise.

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the team

CBS: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to name Sen. Patty Murray of Washington as co-chair of the deficit reduction committee tasked with finding at least $1.2 in federal government savings by October, a Democratic aide tells CBS News.

The aide said Reid will also name Democratic Sens. Max Baucus of Montana and John Kerry of Massachusetts to the committee.

…. The committee will ultimately be made up of 12 members – three Senate Democrats, three Senate Republicans, three House Democrats and three House Republicans. The party leadership in each chamber appoints the members. The other co-chair of the committee will be named by House Speaker John Boehner.

All the members of the committee must be appointed by August 16, and the committee must hold its first meeting by September 16…..


‘the white house’s tactical victory’

Steve Benen: …. with John Boehner no longer willing or able to pursue his own debt-reduction goals, it’s worth pausing to appreciate how the politics have played out in the White House’s favor. Jay Newton-Small’s take sounds right to me:

“…..  [Obama] went big and congressional Republicans – not to mention the noticeably silent 2012 Republican presidential candidates – didn’t. It will be Republicans who will have to justify bowing to the extreme wing of their party and walking away from a deal that included some ten times more spending cuts than revenue increases.”

All things being equal, this certainly looks like a tactical win for the White House, at least at this point. From the perspective of the political establishment, the president was willing to do something ambitious, even risking the ire of his party’s base. Congressional Republicans, meanwhile, have now said they don’t want a massive debt-reduction package if it means asking the rich to sacrifice even a little.

….. which side of the political divide appears more concerned with fiscal responsibility? The president with the plan to cut the debt by $4 trillion or the House majority that cares most about tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, none of which are paid for?

Did President Obama deliberately present GOP leaders with an ambitious solution, knowing they’d blink and he’d end up looking better in the end? We may never know, but if Boehner isn’t asking himself that question this morning, he’s not paying close enough attention.

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