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Call It What It Is: White Supremacy


Early Bird Chat


All Times Eastern

12:30PM: President Obama has lunch with Vice President Biden

3:15PM: President Obama holds a press conference

6:05PM: President Obama departs the White House for Athens, Greece




Woke up this morning with this on my heart:

Y’all Surrendered to the Confederacy

42 years ago, TODAY, I stood in a windowless room, in a building at Broad and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, as a United States Marine CORPS Recruit, raised my right hand and pledged an oath “To support and defend the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” You, dear trump voter are the latter…

History will reflect 151 years and 6 months, a mere 55,336 days, after the south was defeated in the Civil War, faux patriots across the land entered voting booths and surrendered America to the confederacy. This was done knowingly. The majority of white voters, male and female, prioritized privilege over continuing to strive to form “A More Perfect Union.”

Save the faux outrage for being called out. This was NOT the dog-whistle campaign of Lee Atwater and the boys, that propelled Reagan to the Presidency. No, the scab was ripped off the festering sore in this nation, gasoline was poured and trump struck the match, running a full on, in your face, kkk-endorsed, campaign of white supremacy. You can’t say that you didn’t know…

When he demonized Mexicans, you were okay with that…

And Muslims; and African Americans; and POW’s – still trying to wrap my mind around this one; and Women; and the Disabled; and the Military – this from someone that actively avoided military service. He demonized the whole Islamic Faith; and the Seventh Day Adventist faith; and Asians… Did I miss anybody? YOU.WERE.OKAY.WITH.ALL.OF.THIS.

Don’t quote for me the percentage of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc. that voted for trump – there have always been self-loathing, “I’m not like them,” saboteurs in our midst. One thing that all marginalized people know: “All of my skin/interest folk, ain’t my kin folk.”

I intentionally didn’t mention our pathetic 4th Estate. Murrow, Cronkite, Bradley are all spinning like tops in their graves.

Having surrendered to the confederacy, you, my Stars and Stripes waving, red, white, and blue bunting decorating, patriotic t-shirt wearing, faux patriotic friend have forfeited two privileges that you hold dear; the privilege of declaring yourself a “real American” and that of proudly flying Old Glory.

Although the United States of America will continue to be the Land of the Free for another 68 days, after that, things change. You voted in the confederacy, so OWN IT! Retire the Stars and Stripes, and proudly hoist the Stars and Bars. We know who you are; you need no longer to hide behind the faux patriotism of old. The Stars and Bars are an adequate temporary place holder for your soon-to-be-designed national ensign.

Funny thing happened while you were drunk on the euphoria of establishing the new Confederate States of America: putin and the boys confirmed that they have been in engaged with the trump campaign from the beginning. trump openly courted the russians, called on them to hack the opposition, had russophiles embedded in his campaign; BUT.YOU.WERE.OKAY.WITH.ALL.OF.THAT.

Looks like trump may very well be the Manchurian candidate.

You were warned. You were warned by the derided liberals. You were warned by the Germans. You were warned by the Jews. YOU.WERE.WARNED.

At noon, January 20, 2017 instead of ushering in the new Confederate States of America, we may very well see the dawn of the Confederate States of Russia.

42 years ago, today, I raised my right hand and pledge an oath “To support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…” That oath has no expiration date. I.WILL.CONTINUE.TO.SUPPORT. I.WILL.CONTINUE.TO.DEFEND. I.WILL.CONTINUE.TO.FIGHT.

Alycée Nelson Ruley
CWO-02, USMC(Ret)
November 13, 2016


Rise and Shine



10:50: President Obama departs the White House

12:25: Arrives Nashua, New Hampshire

2:15: Delivers remarks at a campaign rally at Elm Street Middle School, Nashua

4:30: Vice President Biden, Jill and Beau Biden campaign in Lynchburg, Virginia (live on C-Span)

5:05: President Obama departs Nashua

6:45: Arrives White House


On Wednesday, the President will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio and Akron, Ohio for campaign events. In the evening, the President and the First Lady will welcome local children and children of military families to trick-or-treat at the North Portico of the White House.


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson:


Paul Krugman: For a few days there the Romney campaign was boasting a lot about having Big Mo — and the press corps actually fell for it, briefly. At this point, however, the reality seems to be sinking in: if Romney has Big Mo, it looks like this:

Despite the Denver Debacle and its aftermath, state polls are showing a clear Obama lead in the electoral college, which if anything is getting a bit stronger….

Why? Jonathan Cohn singles out the auto bailout, and rightly so. I’d add, however, that the killing of Osama bin Laden mattered too …. what the auto rescue and the bin Laden strike have in common is that they were both very courageous decisions — decisions that could easily have gone wrong, that faced lots of second-guessing. You can criticize Obama for many things (and I have, and will in future), but he showed true grit when it mattered, and now seems likely to reap the reward.

Full post here

Thank you Criquet



Truly, Steve Benen is heroic trying to keep track of all these lies




In case you missed it:



If you can bear to see Trump’s face, make sure you look at the clip of him on Letterman (at the very start of the video)


Thank you Meta


Charles Blow: The saying goes: A man is known by the company he keeps. If that is true, what does the company Mitt Romney keeps say about him?

….. Sununu has apologized, somewhat, for his racial attack on Powell’s motives. But what should we make of all this?

We have a very racially divided electorate …. I worry that Sununu’s statements intentionally go beyond recognizing racial disparities and seek to exploit them.

What does that say about Romney, and what does it say about his campaign’s tactics?

Remember: A man is known by the company he keeps.

Full article here


Maddow Blog: ‘Susan B. Anthony would be appalled’


Mediaite: Bill Maher used his final New Rule of the night to warn voters unhappy with President Obama of the political and social consequences of the other guy winning. Maher argued that Mitt Romney winning the presidency would not just be a victory for him, but for every Republican extremist Romney has ever supported in his recent political career. Maher said Romney “may seem like a nice fella,” but he’s “a compulsive liar whose whole life is secret” and would bring too much unwanted baggage into a relationship with America.

…. Maher also warned about the “fresh can of nuts” in Congress with wildly anti-scientific beliefs that would have more free reign under a Republican administration. Maher said that a Republican in the White House would mean the return of “Bible-thumping bullshit” in government.

More here (video at the link)


Las Vegas, Oct 26 – report and more photos at the Las Vegas Sun. C-Span will have the video of the speech some time today – see here







Moooooooorning everyone! Will catch up with emails today, I’m waaaaaaay behind.




‘terror baby’

Nope, I’m not fond of Rachel when she’s being poisonously dishonest, but when she’s on this kind of form I can’t help but like her. A lot.



President Barack Obama, Ruby Bridges, and representatives of the Norman Rockwell Museum view Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With,” hanging in a West Wing hallway near the Oval Office, July 15, 2011. Bridges is the girl portrayed in the painting. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

AOL (2010): When Ruby Bridges arrived for her first day at William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans 50 years ago, she thought it was Mardi Gras. People lined the streets, shouting and throwing things – just like a Carnival parade. But these people weren’t celebrating.

At 6 years old, Bridges had been unwittingly thrust onto the grand stage of American history. Her parents had volunteered her to be the first black child to attend an all-white school in the South. Local law enforcement refused to protect her from the unruly mobs that surrounded her school, so every day she was escorted by four federal marshals – the scene immortalized by Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Problem We All Live With.”

That first day, all the parents had rushed into the building and taken their kids out — effectively boycotting the school. The school didn’t quite know what to do; Ruby was told to just sit in the principal’s office until it was time to go home.

“I remember thinking, ‘This school is easy,'” Bridges told AOL News.

Since then, Bridges grew up, raised four sons and worked as a travel agent before returning to a career as an educational activist that she had started at such a young age. But while her educational career eventually subsided into a normal New Orleans childhood – albeit one charged by forced integration – those exceptional first days in school had shaped her for life.

Full article here


outrageous, first lady takes daughters on ‘vacation’ to africa!

July 2005: After a safari weekend, Laura Bush stepped out of a dusty SUV with her twin daughters on Monday to serve as a goodwill ambassador in Africa for President Bush.

The first lady’s whirl through South Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda this week comes on the heels of a Scotland summit where British Prime Minister Tony Blair made alleviating Africa’s mass suffering the top agenda item for Bush and leaders of other wealthy countries.

Mrs. Bush and her 23-year-old daughters, Barbara and Jenna, spent the weekend at the Madikwe Game Reserve on the South African-Botswana border….

The first lady’s staff asked photographers to refrain from shooting the twins as they boarded the plane in Gaborone, Botswana, for the flight to Cape Town, on grounds that they were not part of the official delegation.


From what I’ve read, Laura Bush did some good work (eg see here) on her trips to Africa (she visited the continent five times and traveled in all to 10 different countries during Shrub’s reign, more visits than any other First Lady before her). Apart from a few voices, though, there weren’t too many complaints when she took her daughters to Africa, part of the 2005 trip a private safari.

Needless to say (yawn), the right are attacking Michelle Obama again because her trip to Africa will end with ….. a private safari.

I won’t link the site where I saw this discussed (one of the f**kwits there is posting racist photos in the thread), but I liked this exchange:

Question: Why were the right not outraged when Laura Bush took her daughters to Africa and they went on safari?

Answer: Because she’s white?



More on First Lady Michelle Obama’s African visit here


‘birtherism is dead. long live otherism’

David Corn (Mother Jones): …..Mitt Romney … is still playing footsie with a popular conservative meme: Obama’s not really one of us …. (he) made a fierce pronouncement: The Obama Administration fundamentally does not believe in the American Experiment.…here was Romney saying that the president doesn’t understand the country he governs.

…Romney was engaging in what can be called otherism, a big cousin to birtherism. Otherism can be more virulent than birtherism (Obama is a secret Muslim socialist!) or more subtle (Hey, this Obama guy just doesn’t get America), but the main contention is that somehow he’s not a true American. It’s not a matter of his birth records, but of his attitude.

Newt Gingrich has helped set a benchmark for otherism …  Mike Huckabee said Obama’s “worldview is dramatically different than any president, Republican or Democrat, we’ve had… He grew up more as a globalist than an American.”

…Romney slammed Obama for apologizing for “American misdeeds, both real and imagined.” (Romney didn’t explain what was wrong with apologizing for real misdeeds.) His bottom-line message: Real Americans don’t apologize. And the obvious conclusion is that if Obama does apologize, he’s not a you-know-what.

…Birtherism is (was?) fundamentally about delegitimizing Barack Obama – proving him a complete fraud … Yet the birthers, dependent on conspiracy theories, were easily done in by basic facts…..

Yet otherism continues and thrives … The strategy is to fuel suspicion, not prove a conspiracy. But the goal is the same: to encourage voters to believe Obama is not a real American …Unlike birtherism, otherism remains quite useful to the Republicans. Not even the adults of the party can resist its ugly temptations.

Full article herereally worth reading


poetry night (full video added)

President Obama speaks during a celebration of American poetry and prose at the White House, May 11



Thank you Dorothy 😉


the tea party …. “corporate america’s useful idiots”

Thank you Ann – Maher was spectacularly brilliant! 😉







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