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Media Matters: CNN Botches Key Facts In Holder Story

Reporting that House Republicans are investigating whether Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress during his recent testimony about Justice Department seizures of communications records in connection with a national security leak investigation, CNN’s Dana Bash misstated key facts of the controversy. In so doing, CNN helped bolster the hollow claims of Republicans – wildly hyped by Fox News – that Holder may have perjured himself….

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Greg Sargent: A new Quinnipiac poll finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans – 73-22 – thinks we should be placing a higher priority on the economy and unemployment than on the “scandals” gripping Washington. That includes 72 percent of independents, who are critical in midterm elections. At the same time, a variety of indicators, from rising home prices to buoyed consumer confidence to falling gas prices, suggest that the economy is improving at a stronger clip than previously anticipated.

If the recovery is strong next year, it could help Dems hold the Senate….

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TPM: The White House has received more than 120 applications from health insurance plans looking to sell on the new federal health care exchange …. The success of the Affordable Care Act partially hinges on competition in order to keep premiums low, and, according to the memo, “the early signs are promising and demonstrate a significant increase in competition and an array of options for consumers everywhere.”

One out of four insurers that have applied to sell insurance in the marketplace is new to the individual insurance market and at least one new provider has been added in 75 percent of states with a federally run marketplace…..

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Quote of the week? Century?

“What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson at the oil giant’s annual meeting, Wednesday.

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Jonathan Chait: Pete Wehner, former Minister of Propaganda for the Bush administration, sees the excitement of the Obama scandals receding, and he knows just how to explain this. Not a lack of evidence to date that anybody in the administration has done anything wrong. It’s media bias ….. Yeah, that sounds right….

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USA Today: The pro-Obama group Organizing for Action will hold 39 “founders events” across the country this weekend as part of an effort to build separate state chapters.

“OFA supporters, volunteers, campaign alumni and donors will come together to discuss what OFA has already accomplished as well as our goals and the path forward,” said an announcement from the group….

The Illinois State Founders Summit will be held Friday and Saturday in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, and will feature remarks by OFA Chairman Jim Messina and Executive Director Jon Carson.

They plan to discuss “how OFA plans how to continue to ensure the American people’s voices are heard by lawmakers as we fight to tip the scales of power back to the American people and away from the special interests to advance the issues the American people voted for in November,” said the statement.


Oh dear:

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evening all

Bloomberg: The U.S. auto industry is seeing demand recover faster than anticipated, with carmakers headed toward their best annual performance in three years at sales of 12.8 million vehicles.

Consumers entered this year’s final month demanding models ranging from big pickups to luxury sedans to fuel-sipping hybrids after pushing November’s sales to the fastest monthly pace since the government’s “cash for clunkers” trade-in program in August 2009….

…. Consumer confidence surged in November by the most in more than eight years, and the portion of consumers planning to buy a new vehicle within six months climbed to the highest since April, data from The Conference Board showed Nov. 29.

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That’s a BFD of a breakfast!

Vice President Joe Biden has a breakfast meeting at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara

Vice President Joe Biden visits a shop in the Samatya Square neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, Dec. 4

Official White House Photos by David Lienemann


Just when it looked like things couldn’t get worse for Willard:



For Me4Obama:



President Barack Obama meets with advisors in the Oval Office, Dec. 5, 2011. Pictured, from left, are: Gene Sperling, National Economic Council Director; Dan Pfeiffer, Director of Communications; Press Secretary Jay Carney; Cody Keenan, Deputy Director of Speechwriting; and Senior Advisor David Plouffe. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


$1,000 in 24 hours? You people are just fantastic – thank you so much 😉




9:35 The President departs the White House

12:25 Arrives Kansas City

1:55 Delivers remarks on the economy

4:25 Departs Kansas City en route to Andrews


you gotta love it, they’re eating each other alive!

Why does Ben Quayle hate Politico? See here

The Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association dinner, March 30


oh noes: do republicans hate america too?!?

You know the way Teabaggers and assorted pea-brained right-wingers are slamming President Obama for choosing to take part in a Memorial Day event in Chicago and have Vice President Joe Biden lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery?

It’s a sign of disrespect to the military and it’s UNPRECEDENTED, they say!

Oh really?

Memorial Day, 1992: Vice President Dan Quayle, representing George H.W. Bush, laying a wreath before the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Boston Globe, May 26, 1992: Wrapping up his Memorial Day weekend trip, Bush played a final round of golf in chilly weather before delivering his remarks to the American Legion members in in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Memorial Day, 1983: President Reagan sent Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Thayer to Arlington to represent him.

Memorial Day, 2002: President George W. Bush commemorated Memorial Day at Normandy, not Arlington.

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Washington Post: “Ronald Reagan spoke at West Point one year, and went to his California ranch another year. George H.W. Bush, a war veteran, did not go (to Arlington on Memorial Day) at all.”

Ryan Gallucci, spokesman for AMVETS: “We don’t really see the big deal, so long as he’s taking time to honor our fallen war heroes throughout Memorial Day weekend. After all, it’s not groundbreaking for a sitting president to visit other national cemeteries or overseas … cemeteries over the holiday. Arlington is certainly not the only place our fallen heroes are buried, so why not pay your respects to veterans around the country?”







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