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‘Put the white back in the White House’

A supporter of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan waits for a campaign event to begin on October 12 in Lancaster, Ohio (Getty)

I posted this earlier in the comments of the previous thread, but I think it really needs to be highlighted.

Was this man even challenged at the campaign event today, by other Romney/Ryan supporters or staff?

Did anyone ask him to leave?

Will Romney/Ryan disassociate themselves from this guy?

Or are they good with this hate?


the truth



putting the gop in a box

Steve Benen: …. At a White House press conference this morning, the president did a very effective job at putting Republicans in a box. Either policymakers accept a balance approach, Obama argued, or the GOP will be exposed as deficit frauds who care about protecting the rich at the expense of everyone else.

… The White House message is obviously taking shape. Obama and his team want the public to know the administration is committed to debt reduction and tough choices, which will include calling on broad sacrifice, but which will protect key investments in education and health care. Republicans, on the other hand, … will fight to the death to ensure the wealthy don’t have to sacrifice at all.

The phrase of the morning is “corporate-jet owner.” I started keeping count of how many times the president used the phrase, and I think I noticed four separate instances. The point was to highlight a $3 billion perk available to those who buy these jets – a perk Republicans won’t touch because it would count as a (cue scary music) tax increase.

As the process continues, the White House message to the public will be pretty straightforward: we can have a major debt-reduction deal if only Republicans weren’t fighting so hard to protect corporate-jet owners. Why, the argument will go, won’t the GOP look out for students and seniors the way it looks out for the fat cats on the Cessna?

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