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Quinnipiac: …Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum trails President Barack Obama 49 – 38 percent in Pennsylvania according to a Quinnipiac University poll…

…In possible presidential election matchups, President Obama tops Romney 47 – 40 percent and leads Santorum 49 – 38 percent. Independent voters back Obama, 41 – 37 percent over Romney and 46 – 35 percent over Santorum.

Obama gets a split 48 – 48 percent job approval rating in Pennsylvania, compared to a negative 42 – 53 percent April 28 …. Independent voters split 48 – 47 percent, compared to a negative 37 – 57 percent April 28th.

Voters say 48 – 46 percent that Obama deserves to be reelected, also up from a negative 42 – 52 percent. Again, independent voters go from a negative 37 – 56 percent April 28 to a slightly negative 46 – 49 percent today.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute: “Whether it’s still the Osama bin Laden bounce or because voters are taking a closer look at the alternatives, President Barack Obama’s fortunes in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state in presidential elections, has improved …. Independent voters, a critical bloc, have shifted dramatically in the six weeks since President Obama suffered his all-time low in Pennsylvania.”

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Also from Quinnipiac: Connecticut voters approve 53 – 44 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, up slightly from 49 – 47 percent in a March 8, 2011, Quinnipiac University poll. President Obama deserves reelection, voters say 51 – 43 percent, and they would vote for Obama 46 – 35 percent over an unnamed Republican in 2012.

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morning people

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Washington Post: President Obama will make stops in two key swing states, starting a campaign-style, two-day Southeast trip … In Durham, N.C., the president will speak to workers at and tour a company called Cree, Inc. that is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting.

While in Durham, he will meet for the second time with his “Jobs and Competitiveness Council,” a group of 26 business leaders led by General Electric Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt that Obama created earlier this year to advise his administration on job creation.

Obama will then fly to Miami to attend three fundraisers on Monday evening …. On Tuesday, Obama heads to Puerto Rico, making the first official visit to the U.S. territory by a president since John F. Kennedy.

All Times Eastern

9:50 President Obama departs the White House

11:05 Arrives in Morrisville, North Carolina

11:25 Tours Cree, Inc’s manufacturing facility

11:40 Meets with the Jobs and Competitiveness Council

1:45 Delivers remarks

2:50 Departs Morrisville en route Miami, Florida

4:45 Arrives in Miami

5:50 Delivers remarks at a DNC event

7:20 Delivers remarks at a DNC event

8:10 Delivers remarks at a DNC event


President Barack Obama reacts to a picture presented to him of a younger Robert Gibbs at Broughton High School in Raleigh, N.C. on July 29, 2009.

AP: Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs will defend President Barack Obama in New Hampshire on Monday, countering criticism at a Republican presidential debate in the nation’s first primary state.

Campaign officials said Gibbs will appear in network and local affiliate television interviews connected to the debate… …Gibbs will play a similar role in New Hampshire….

Seven Republican presidential hopefuls will attend the Manchester, N.H., debate, including: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota; businessman Herman Cain of Georgia; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia; Rep. Ron Paul of Texas; former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty; and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

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oh mitt….

TPM: Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty … have something in common: According to new surveys from Public Policy Polling, they would both lose their respective home states to President Obama by serious margins – though as the new numbers from Massachusetts show, it’s much worse in Romney’s case.

In the new Massachusetts survey, Obama leads Romney by a landslide margin of 57%-37% – wider than the 51%-43% margin that Obama has over Pawlenty in Minnesota, and comparable to Obama’s 56%-35% lead over the other likely Minnesotan candidate, Michele Bachmann, in that state.

As it turns out, Romney is actually the strongest Republican candidate in Massachusetts. Obama leads Herman Cain by 60%-27%, leads Newt Gingrich by 63%-27%, leads Sarah Palin by 63%-27%, and leads Pawlenty by 59%-28%.

….PPP’s Tom Jensen writes: “I’m sure no one was in a lot of suspense about whether Obama would win Massachusetts next year. The bigger question is if an Obama win by 20 points against Romney…or by 30 points or more against someone else…will be enough to carry Scott Brown’s eventual Democratic challenger over the top.”

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whisper it ….. 47 v 41


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From the same poll …. wow, so much religious prejudice:




maher’s musings

*** Don’t click if you can’t stand Bill Maher or if you can’t cope with hearing the half-termer’s voice! ***

On the Paul Revere thing …. I ventured in to Teabag territory again to see their reaction to her latest idiotic utterance:

“She has to be really careful what she says anywhere near a camera or microphone.”

“There was more truth in her words than there was error.”

“Did you ever get caught off guard when your mind is focused on something else? I have, many times. She IS articulate, when she’s on the same page as the interviewer.”

“Lookalikes are showing up at Palin rallies.”



Thank you Loriah for the half-termer’s latest polling figures (from PPP):

Oh dear – look at her figures in Alaska! 😆

Rhode Island is clearly the brainiest state in the country 😉


and those figures just keep on tumbling….






In case anyone missed it, I added the video of the President’s speech in Austin here last night


President Obama will take questions at a CBS News town hall Wednesday afternoon, but we won’t get to hear any of his answers until Thursday morning. The forum, which will be taped at the Newseum, is embargoed until it’s shown on the “Early Show” at 8 a.m. Thursday.



Time: President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years — 60 percent — and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

In worrisome signs for Republicans, the president’s standing improved not just on foreign policy but also on the economy, and independent Americans — a key voting bloc in the November 2012 presidential election — caused the overall uptick in support by sliding back to Obama after fleeing for much of the past two years.

Comfortable majorities of the public now call Obama a strong leader who will keep America safe. Nearly three-fourths — 73 percent — also now say they are confident that Obama can effectively handle terrorist threats. And he improved his standing on Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States’ relationships with other countries.

Despite a sluggish recovery from the Great Recession, 52 percent of Americans now approve of Obama’s stewardship of the economy, giving him his best rating on that issue since the early days of his presidency; 52 percent also now like how he’s handling the nation’s stubbornly high 9 percent unemployment.

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buyers’ remorse …. use your brains next time, folks

Public Policy Polling: PPP’s newest national poll finds that after a little more than 3 months in charge House Republicans have fallen so far out of favor with the American public that it’s entirely possible Democrats could take control of the House back next year.

43% of voters think that House Republicans are doing a worse job now than the Democrats did, compared to only 36% who think the GOP has brought an improvement. 19% think things are about the same. 62% of voters thinking that the Republicans have either made things worse or brought no improvement to an already unpopular Congress does not bode particularly well for the party.

46% of voters say that if there was an election for Congress today they would vote Democratic, compared to only 41% who would vote Republican. That five point advantage for Democrats is only a hair below the margin Republicans won by in the national popular vote last year. A victory of that magnitude for the Democrats next year would at the very least result in the party taking back a large number of the seats it lost last year, and it could be enough to take back the outright majority…

….These poll numbers also point to the reality that Republicans taking control of the House may have been one of the best things that could possibly have happened for Obama’s reelection prospects … voters may not love Obama as once they did but they’re finding him to be more reasonable than the alternative and that means it will be hard for the GOP to knock him off next year without a top notch nominee.

One thing is very much for certain – it’s not 2010 anymore.

Political Wire: … Stunningly, independent voters now say they’d vote Democratic for the House by a 42% to 33% margin, representing a 28 point reversal in a span of just five months.


more on those collapsing approval figures

National Journal: …In the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll 49 percent of those polled said they approved of President Obama’s performance as president, and 44 percent disapproved. … that approval rating is the highest the poll has recorded for him since September 2009.

And beneath the top-line number were some other encouraging signs for the president. In particular, independents who said they approved of his performance (47 percent) exceeded those who said they disapproved (43 percent); that is the first time more independents approved than disapproved of Obama’s performance in a Heartland survey since September 2009.

Another positive trend for the White House is worth watching: The fire of intense opposition to Obama seems to be cooling. In last August’s survey, 39 percent of those polled said they strongly disapproved of his job performance …. that number declined to 30 percent in the latest survey.

Full article here

PPP: Our Presidential numbers in Ohio provide further evidence that the state has swung back toward the Democrats since the November election. Barack Obama now has narrowly positive approval numbers in the state at 47% giving him good marks to 46% who are unhappy with the job he’s doing. And he leads his top prospective Republican opponents for next year by margins ranging from 6 to 16 points.

This is the first time in six PPP surveys of Ohio since June 2009 that Obama’s had more voters approving of him than disapproving.

The key to his improved standing is that the base has rallied around him. Where only 71% of Democrats expressed approval of him on that poll, 84% of Democrats do now. The first couple years of the Obama administration featured a lot of Democrats fighting with each other – now that they’ve sort of unified around a common enemy in the form of John Kasich it seems to be leading to a more united party up and down the line.

…Obama leads all of the top Republicans in the state by margins greater than his 4 point win over John McCain in 2008. Mitt Romney is the most competitive, trailing Obama by 6 points at 46-40. After him it’s Mike Huckabee trailing by 7 at 48-41, Newt Gingrich down 12 at 50-38, and Sarah Palin at a 16 point advantage, 52-36 … our national poll yesterday also found Gingrich with worse favorability numbers than Palin, it’s kind of hard to imagine his last couple of weeks could have been much more of a disaster.

….Ohio joins Virginia and Colorado as states PPP has polled since the beginning of February that George W. Bush won in both 2000 and 2004 where Obama now leads all of his prospective opponents for next year by at least 6 points. There’s no way Republicans can win the White House back if that continues to be the case.

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