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“floating on air”

Miriam Lord (Irish Times): Resign, Taoiseach! Go. And go now. (If you’ve any sense.) Because things can’t get any better than this …. After a faultless lift-off last week, Taoiseach Kenny went into orbit in the Oval Office yesterday. This was Enda’s perfect day.

By the end of it, he was levitating around the White House at a reception in his honour, secure in the knowledge that his new best friend, Barack Obama, is coming to Ireland in a couple of months.

……“I guess this will be the big story of the day: I’m coming over. And I’m coming in May,” replied Obama.

Oh, happy days.

…The meeting between the two leaders lasted about 35 minutes. Journalists waited outside while they held their discussions, the White House lawn bathed in sunshine on a beautiful spring day.

…Bo, First Canine of America and the Obama family dog, ambled around contentedly, sniffing under the box hedging and ignoring the admiring gaze of the starstruck media tourists.

We travelled to Pennsylvania Avenue in a motorcade, which was very exciting, having been vetted more times than Bo before finally getting the nod to come inside. …. Finally, those famous white French doors were thrown open and everyone piled in.

…Mr President, lanky and languid, was the epitome of cool. He spoke of the “incredible bond” between Ireland and America. Did Enda hear what he was saying? Can a body hear after they’ve died and gone to heaven? Because that’s the way the Taoiseach looked.

..the Taoiseach gave a brief press conference outside the building. Delighted with himself. Floating on air.

“Right,” he began, in a brisk, businesslike fashion. “I’ve just come from the Oval Office… ” And he suddenly stopped, realising what he had just said and gave a little incredulous laugh.

…It was such a happy day. Everyone was smiling….His day with Uachtaráin (President) Obama will live in memory for a long time.

Full article here

Irish Times: “I’m about to top up a pint here to toast Obama,” Moneygall publican Ollie Hayes said over the din in his eponymous pub last night. While the small Offaly village did not have a St Patrick’s Day parade yesterday, the pub, with both American and Irish flags waving proudly outside, was the place to be last night.

It was there that locals gathered yesterday for the six o’clock news to cheer the long-awaited confirmation that US president Barack Obama would visit the place from which his ancestor Fulmuth Kearney left for New York in the mid-19th century. Residents of the village – population 298, according to the last census – were yesterday revelling in the news.

“People are walking around with great big smiles on their faces,” Canon Stephen Neill said. The Church of Ireland rector’s research uncovered the records that cemented Mr Obama’s connection to the area. “When I actually discovered the record a shiver literally went down my spine,” he said yesterday. “The whole thing has been a roller coaster – sometimes you think it’s all just a dream.”

It is expected that Obama will visit Templeharry Church, where his ancestors worshipped, and the local schoolhouse where they were educated. “The whole family left in the 1840s and 1850s,” Canon Neill said. “They were shoemakers, which was a reasonable trade so they weren’t driven into emigration but had the opportunity to go and took it.”

This same ancestry is shared by Henry Healy, who has been informed that he is an “eighth cousin” of the US president….“It’s brilliant, absolutely fantastic news. Moneygall is ready to welcome the president with open arms and hopefully we’ll do Ireland proud,” Mr Healy said. …Once “only a run-through village on the way from Limerick to Dublin”, Moneygall was now firmly on the map thanks to the Obama connection, he said.

“It’s hard to say what it will mean for the town but it can do nothing but good. It’s funny how a small thing can become a big thing – and this is huge.”

Full article here

Henry Healy and Canon Stephen Neill, with a cardboard cut-out of President Barack Obama, in Ollie Hayes’s bar, Moneygall, Co Offaly

The Herald: The theme of Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day parade, inspired by a Roddy Doyle short story, was simply ‘brilliant’.

That must also be the word echoing around Enda Kenny’s head as he returns home this weekend.

By persuading Barack Obama to visit Ireland in May, the Taoiseach has scored a major political coup – and extended his own personal honeymoon by at least a few more weeks.

…this is exactly the sort of great public event the country needed to shake us out of our national depression.

The details of Obama’s trip are still under wraps. Since he will probably be here over a weekend, there may not be time to address the Dail as John F Kennedy did in 1963.

However, the greatest orator to ever enter the White House will be expected to deliver at least one big speech, preferably at some venue where the maximum number can see him.

As a young boy in Mayo, Enda Kenny listened to a record of JFK’s famous inaugural address so often that he could recite it from memory.

Now he is keeping the same kind of company himself, less than a year after his own party almost dumped him.

His tenure as Taoiseach had already got off to a positive start – but after this morale boost from the world’s most charismatic politician, he really must be floating on air.

…Whatever happens in future, Kenny will always be remembered as the man who brought Barack to Ireland – and as Roddy Doyle might say, the only word for that is ‘brilliant’.


mahalo, mr president – Luanne has posted a comment!

Honolulu Star Advertiser:

Dear Mr President,

I am so honored and in awe knowing you are staying just minutes from my home, viewing the same scenery and skyline and hopefully relaxing and enjoying our beautiful island. You belong here because you really do employ the “aloha spirit”.

So, mahalo, and continue to spread the aloha spirit throughout the world. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize proves, at least to other countries, how able you are to reach around the world and show respect, compassion and the willingness to strive for world peace. This should continue to be a strong focal point, as cooperation is the answer to all that is wrong in this world. Please continue to embrace unity.

You are tackling so many issues and it is beginning to show in many ways. So regardless of what the critics say, maintain the kindness and connection that we islanders call the “aloha spirit”, and the world will truly be a better place.

Luanne Webster, Kaneohe

Thank you graciouslady for letting me know about the letter  😉

a feast of fuchsia!

USA Weekend, May, 2010







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