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President Barack Obama sat down for a “Tonight Show” appearance with Jay Leno Tuesday, answering questions about everything from Moamar Ghadafi’s death to the war in Iraq, approval ratings and the current round of GOP debates.

In brief excerpts released by NBC some eight hours before the show was due to air, Obama appeared to draw the biggest laugh when, in response to a question about whether he was watching the Republican debates, he replied, “I’m going to wait until everybody’s voted off the island. Once they narrow it down to one or two, I’ll start paying attention.”

Obama received a standing ovation from the audience when he walked onstage for his fourth appearance on the Leno show, and his second as president.

with NBC producer Michelle Tasoff

Bryan Branly: After the show, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the President backstage. Jay told the President (referring to me), “That’s how you looked in college!” The President said, “Afros are hard work Jay.” I wish all you who follow these blogs could have been with me. It was a day to remember!


las vegas

President Obama is greeted by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman at the McCarran International Airport


President Obama is introduced by Stephen Cloobeck, Chairman of Diamond Resorts International, at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Las Vegas, October 24

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Just imagine how those figures would look if they passed the American Jobs Act.


a state dinner for south korea

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak laughs when President Barack Obama nicknames him “the bulldozer” during a toast at a state dinner in Lee’s honor at the White House


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“i don’t miss my shots in the fourth quarter”

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ABC: If his campaign for a second term is like a basketball game, President Obama says it’s nearing halftime, he’s down on the scoreboard, and facing a full court press.

Obama told a crowd of campaign donors, including a mix of past and present NBA stars, in Florida tonight that “this is like the second quarter, maybe the third. And we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

“But I want everyone to know I’m a fourth-quarter player,” he said. “I don’t miss my shots in the fourth quarter.”

Obama spoke at the glitzy Lake Mary, Fla., home of attorney John Morgan, one of his top volunteer fundraisers, or bundlers, where around 100 guests paid at least $1,500 to see the president speak. Proceeds flowed to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account between the Obama Campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

NBA all-star Grant Hill, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and Phoenix Suns guard Vince Carter were among the pro basketball players in attendance, according to press pool reports.  The official invitation for the event also listed ex-NBA great Patrick Ewing as a co-host.

“So as long as we’ve got a strong team and everybody’s engaged and involved, we’re not just going to win this election,” Obama said. “We are going to win this election and then we are going to make sure that we rebuild this country.”

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‘jobs picture improves – a little’

Steve Benen: After a rather dismal summer, today’s new jobs report was supposed to offer an answer to a painful question: has the economy slipped back into a recession?

Expectations going into the morning were low. Neil Irwin reported yesterday, “Analysts are expecting the data to reveal continued mediocrity – 50,000 net new jobs…. And in this age of diminished expectations, a positive number in the 100,000 range … would mean a big positive surprise.”

The new jobs numbers aren’t great, but they did reach six digits: 103,000.

… In keeping with recent trends, the private sector gained 137,000 jobs in September, which certainly doesn’t sound recessionary, while the public sector lost 34,000 jobs due entirely to budget cuts at the state and local level. Republicans are eager to force more public-sector layoffs, making the jobs landscape worse on purpose, while President Obama’s American Jobs Act seeks to do the opposite.

Also note, it was slightly more encouraging to see that both of the last two months saw their numbers revised upwards, with July and August adding a combined 99,000 previously unreported jobs. Over the last year, the U.S. economy has added 1.49 million jobs overall…

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The Gavel: Today marks the 273rd day of Republican control of the House of Representatives. In 273 days, they have not passed a single bill to create jobs. Instead, House Republicans have repeatedly voted to end Medicare (while providing tax breaks to Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas), passed legislation that destroys nearly 2 million jobs (that’s 10,000 jobs lost every day), and pointlessly manufactured crisis after crisis-creating economic uncertainty and hurting small businesses and the middle class.

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Captain Mark Kelly hugs his wife Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after receiving the Legion of Merit from Vice President Joe Biden during Captain Kelly’s retirement ceremony in the Secretary of War Suite in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in Washington, D.C., Oct. 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

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