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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop



Reverend C.T. Vivian: A Pioneer



The Movement Is Ongoing


Can Y’all Smell What POTUS is Cooking?

Can Y’all Smell What POTUS is Cooking?

by @zizii2

Barack Obama has decided to put himself on the Democratic “ballot” in 2016. You heard that right. He’s running again. Why not? The entire Republican Party is running against him anyway, so why not get himself on the “ballot”? Give ‘em and their corporate stenographers something to REALLY talk about. POTUS is going to be everywhere front and center, on the trail, in the media, in your backyard cookout.

He’s not going to campaign FOR the Democratic party’s candidates, he’s going to set and drive the Democratic Party agenda, which Dem pols may choose to join, not the other way around. Why? Because the Democratic Party needs to be shaken from its death throes.

A party that had everything going for it with the advent of Barack Obama, the organizing energy of his coalition, resources, cutting edge technology, simply gave up on itself after victory in 2008. It got a dead cat bounce during the 2012 re-election, then promptly went right back into willful stupor.

With a party leadership so cross-eyed, doddering around on two left feet, unwilling to embrace its own legislative successes, running away from Barack Obama, and even more zombified after the 2014 electoral losses, it is a miracle that there is barely any sign of life left to whip up for the 2016 cycle. However, strolling from cycle to cycle hitching ourselves to time-limited election campaigns will not do much to resuscitate the dried out soul of the party. We’ve needed a MOVEMENT larger than the Democratic Party itself.

A MOVEMENT comprising CITIZENS who are passionate about CAUSES like the literal survival of the 99% and the CORE VALUES of fairness of this country; who match the zeal of the billionaire vampires sucking our blood, who doggedly mobilize, cajole, trek the “streets” real or virtual, persuade persuade persuade fellow citizens to join, and never suck on purity binkies or descend into hissy fits. In short, a movement made up of CITIZENS who really have no more fcks to give.

That’s what my tea leaves say Barack Obama is cooking with 2016 elections penciled in as item one. And his coalition best gird up to run with him. The coalition is slightly expanded now. He’s invited “responsible gun owners” and Americans simply fed up with the incessant gun violence that has brought grief to so many families of diverse political stripes, to join us the usual motley crew who’ve hung with him since forever. Together he’ll lead the charge to put politicians in Washington who are ANSWERABLE to US the PEOPLE, while firmly telling especially fork-tongued Democrats: “Uh uh, it’s either us or the NRA. No compromise.”

obama 3

Just as he sparked off his 2012 re-election bid with the famous Income Inequality speech in Osawatomie, Kansas in December 2011  much to the utter confusion of the beltway and media lackeys, plus the usual centrist bedwetters gnashing teeth about Barack Obama veering too far left, so too his mission on gun safety is meant to drive the 2016 agenda. It is a natural fit with the demographic make up of his expanding coalition. The energy is there. Prez Obama lit the torch this week.

obama guns

Barack Obama knows a thing or two about building movements from the ground up. Sure, it successfully propelled him to electoral victory; a detour into that little something called saving us from a recession, saving an auto industry, drawing us out of two wars, building the foundation for alternative energy, preventing us from needlessly dying from a macabre healthcare system, repairing our image abroad, righting historical wrongs against Native American populations, redressing disparities in a broken criminal justice system, presiding over record job growth, and many more “detours”.

Yet MOVEMENT has always remained at the heart of POTUS’ core belief in citizenship. It’s why OFA stayed alive while he ran that obstacle course called Washington DC, and now he’s revving up to give his movement a new mandate. Are y’all ready? All aboard


The Dream Relived & Its Lasting Legacy…


“3000 miles to history”

“Some people pooh-poohed the idea. They didn’t think it was going to work. They thought there was going to be a lot of violence, and so our committee met every weekand we said, O.K., what do we need to move this really large group of people from all over, to bring them in? We needed public relations. We needed to have a medical corps of nurses and doctors on hand. We needed to have Porta-Pottys, arrange transportation. Once we had charter buses, regular buses coming in—what’s going to happen to those? Where are people going to park?”

MARCH-WIRE 13.jpg 1aa 1b




Harry Belafonte


As a kid, there was not much I could aspire to, because the achievement of black people in spaces of power and rule and governance was not that evident, and therefore we were diminished in the way we thought we could access power and be part of the American fabric. So we who came back from this war having expectations and finding that there were none to be harvested were put upon to make a decision. We could accept the status quo as it was beginning to reveal itself with these oppressive laws still in place. Or, as had begun to appear on the horizon, stimulated by something Mahatma Gandhi of India had done, we could start this quest for social change by confronting the state a little differently. Let’s do it nonviolently, let’s use passive thinking applied to aggressive ideas, and perhaps we could overthrow the oppression by making it morally unacceptable.”


 The bus was on fire and was filling up with smoke. -Hank Thomas


“Separate, but equal” drinking fountains in North Carolina, photographed by Elliott Erwitt in 1950.



“When I first met Dr. King, I was 16, and he came to speak at our high school gathering. They have kids from all over the country come as representatives of their part of the country. So there were a couple hundred of us, and we would meet in groups and discuss politics, and we were discussingnonviolence because it was a Quaker-based group. And then Dr. King came and spoke, and I was just stunned, because this man was doing what we had talked about. They had just started the more publicly seen and known boycotts in Montgomery, and I just wept through the whole thing, because it made something real to me. It was real, but I hadn’t seen an example of it in my daily life, and there it was.”

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Music from the Civil Rights Movement

The Blind Boys of Alabama perform “Free at Last” at the White House Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement

Gospel Music star Yolanda Adams performs the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change is Gonna Come”

Joan Baez sings “We Shall Overcome”

The Freedom Singers perform “(Ain’t Gonna let Nobody) Turn me Around”

Natalie Cole performs Marvin Gaye’s classic from the civil rights era, “What’s Going On”

Bob Dylan performs his classic song “The Times they are a Changing”

Yolanda Adams performs “How Great Thou Art”

Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson perform “People Get Ready”

More videos from the concert here







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