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TPM: Nearly six in ten Americans approve of the eleventh hour budget deal struck between Congress and the White House to avert a government shutdown, according to a CNN poll  released on Monday. And what’s more, a plurality give Democrats the most credit for making it happen.

….While majorities of both Democrats and independents support the compromise, a plurality of Republicans dislike it, with fully half of them saying that their party gave up too much ground on the deal.

Democrats supported the compromise by a 66%-28% split, while independents backed it 56%-39%. But among Republicans, 47% saw the deal as a good thing, while 49% gave it a thumbs down because they felt the party had gotten the short end of the stick. Exactly 50% of Republicans said the party’s leaders had given up too much in the final deal.

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About the next figures ….. most of the Professional Left must have had their phones switched off when Gallup called – I mean, they are the base, aren’t they?

CNN Poll


oh dear, how are fox going to reverse *all* these polls?

CBS/NYT survey finds 60% Americans don’t want public employee unions’ rights take away, while 33 do.

And: 33% have a favorable view of labor unions, while 25 percent hold an unfavorable view.

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And Gallup last week:


the silent majority

Washington Post: About seven in 10 Americans back the tax deal negotiated last week by President Obama and congressional Republicans, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The high bipartisan support for the package masks more tepid public approval for some of the main components of the agreement that comes before a key Senate vote Monday afternoon … but put all four items together, and 69 percent of all Americans support the package.

Large majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents alike favor the agreement, which has drawn stiff opposition from some Democrats in the House. In the poll, 69 percent of liberal Democrats support the agreement, which Obama has called a framework for legislation.

Even when primary objections to the pact are mentioned – that it would add about $900 billion to the federal budget deficit and that it extends tax breaks to the wealthy – 62 percent of all those polled support the package.

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‘obama’s silent majority’

Salon (Steve Kornacki): Everyone knows that progressives have been growing increasingly disillusioned with Barack Obama since, well … even before he took office…

And now that he’s gone and cut a deal with Mitch McConnell (of all people!) … no wonder Time’s Mark Halperin says the president’s base is “shattered.” And no wonder the media is filled with speculation about a potential challenge to the president in the 2012 Democratic primaries….

It’s a fun topic for cable news and the blogosphere, where liberal commentators and activists routinely brand the president a Judas and threaten to support a primary challenger in 2012. …

There’s just one problem: The premise on which all of this is based is totally and completely wrong.

Liberal commentators and activists and interest group leaders may be seething over Obama, but their rage has not trickled down to the Democratic voters….

…Obama’s approval rating among Democrats has held steady at or near the 80 percent level throughout all of the turmoil of 2010. This puts him in as strong a position with his own party’s voters as any modern president has been at this same point in his presidency…

Look closer and you’ll also find that Obama’s approval rating among Democrats is actually highest among those who call themselves liberals — an 83 percent score in the most recent round of Gallup polling…

…Obama, in other words, seems to have developed his own silent majority … the party’s liberal base still very much likes him; it’s the elites who have turned on him.

At his press conference Tuesday, Obama noted that many of the “purist” liberals now blasting his tax cut deal also savaged his final healthcare compromise earlier this year, which wiped out the public option. It’s an apt comparison. And it’s worth remembering that the cries of betrayal back then did nothing to lessen rank-and-file’s assessment of Obama’s job performance — probably because the main thing they saw was that Obama, unlike every president before him, had actually gotten healthcare done.

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