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‘debt limit negotiation update’ Just leaked! A partial transcript of today’s session in the ongoing budget negotiations between Republican Congressional leaders and the President and Treasury Secretary at the White House:

Obama: I still don’t get how you guys are suddenly all concerned about the debt, after all of you voted to double the national debt during the Bush administration.

Boehner: Well for one thing, back then we didn’t have these damn Tea Party people breathing down our necks. Those folks are crazy!

Obama: I sympathize. But what do you want us to do? You don’t have a plan to balance the budget this year. That means you either have to raise the debt limit or you have to raise taxes.

Boehner: What we want, Mr. President, is for you to propose a solution, so we can attack you for it. It’s not fair that people expect us to solve all their problems just because Republicans have taken over the House of Representatives. It makes me want to cry.

Read it all here – love it! I especially adore the fact that even though it’s satire, it’s probably really close to what was actually said 😆
Thank you Joe!







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