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a demoralizing day

Here’s a world exclusive preview of what Mark Landler will (probably) write in the New York Times tomorrow:

“It was a demoralizing day for President Obama on his bus tour of North Carolina and Virginia, some of his lowest points, captured by our photographers, demonstrating just how much distance there now is between him and the people who once supported him.

From the moment he took to the stage in the morning to speak at the Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, it was evident how jaded and down he is, no spring in his step, no sign of the energy that he once displayed at these events:

Grim-faced and unsmiling….

….. his speech was so uninspiring it even prompted one member of the audience to start reading the book he’d brought with him just in case he was bored:

After the speech, the President displayed yet more of his professorial aloofness, failing to connect with his audience or show any human warmth:

It got worse later in the day when the President visited Bluestone High School in Skipwith, a group of teenagers (Jon Huntsman supporters, according to Mark Halperin) giving him an angry and hostile reception when he arrived:

There was a particularly ugly exchange with a student in pink:

…. which resulted in Secret Service having to step in:

On to Reidsville, N.C. and Brodnax, Virginia, where the President was confronted by several enraged women, two of them actually attempting to strangle him:

Stunned, the President ran for shelter in a Reidsville restaurant, where he hoped to find a warm and fuzzy reception, but there was to be no respite from the hostility, two enraged seniors confronting him, rather venomously:

The President, by now a broken man, left for Emporia, Virginia, where he gave another speech to a half-empty hall of largely unenthusiastic one-time supporters at Greensville County High School:

Once again, he ignored the issue that is, clearly, the most important to Americans – unemployment:

…. which might have explained the ugly incident that completed his day, when a young black man – possibly a Tavis Smiley and Cornel West fan – attempted to assault him by hitting his hand really hard:

Frankly, it’s hard to know how the President can recover from such a demoralizing day (#VoteMitt).”


who knew? the camera lies….

Mark Landler, writing in the New York Times today, in an article titled ‘Looking Toward 2012, Obama Finds North Carolina Less Receptive’, said that “Mr. Obama got a less warm and fuzzy reception from a lunch crowd at Countryside Barbeque in Marion”.


Crikey, it looks pretty “warm and fuzzy” to me.

Thanks LOL


McDowell News: President Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to Marion on Monday, where he ordered lunch from Countryside Barbeque and had his photo made with lots of excited patrons ….

….. He met with Councilman Lloyd Cuthbertson, Councilwoman Juanita Doggett, City Manager Bob Boyette and other folks. He also took time to have his picture made with as many people as possible….

“He was very personable and took time to talk to everybody,” said Cuthbertson. “He was interested in what people had to tell them. It is an honor to meet the president of the United States, regardless of one’s political affiliation. This opportunity does not happen every day …. We should be proud he chose to stop in Marion of all places between Asheville and his next scheduled visit.”

…. Joyce Hawkins said she joked with the president and asked him if we would pay for everybody’s lunch. Obama told her that he would pay for her lunch and the three others at her table. When it came time for Hawkins and her group to leave, the wait staff told them that sure enough, the president of the United States had paid for their meals. And for her service, Obama left Cable an $8 tip.

Even though it lasted around an hour, the presidential visit may be the most memorable event at Countryside Barbeque. “It’s pretty exciting stuff,” said Noyes.

Full article here


Interesting opening line from an Atlantic Review article a few years back: “The New York Times’ Germany correspondent Mark Landler often exaggerates and is sometimes just wrong.” Indeed.


From yesterday:

Finally finds a warm crowd? Yep, the people of North Carolina had been frosty all day:

President Barack Obama waves to people gathered along a road in Boone, N.C., during his three-day American Jobs Act bus tour, Oct. 17. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Citizen Times

Asheville Regional Airport in Fletcher, N.C.

Boone, N.C.

Original video here

West Wilkes High School in Millers Creek, North Carolina

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