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The Need For ObamaCare


I didn’t intend to retweet a whole mess of sob stories this morning from young people who thought they were healthy until they got hit by an SUV/bad appendix/thyroid cancer/infection/baby. What a bunch of whiners, right? All I meant to do was encourage healthy young people and the other people in the world who think they are immortal, who think that health insurance is a luxury that isn’t worth affording, to give that assumption some critical thought, and take advantage of the exchanges to see what their options are.

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Then the stories came in, and I was overwhelmed in every sense of the word. It seemed something of a civic responsibility, and personally, something of an honor, to retweet as many as I could with the hopes that I would not drive you crazy. Once the stories started rolling in, it really brought home to me how many young people’s lives have been profoundly altered and affected by sudden illness/accidents. Some didn’t have insurance for one reason or another and are still digging themselves out of the hole. Some DID have insurance, and in every case, no one said, I AM SO SAD I WASTED THAT MONEY ON INSURANCE.

I mainly retweeted young people who got hurt in their twenties, because these are the folks who are usually so handsome and limber and blithe that they convince themselves they can’t or don’t need to afford insurance. But none of those people were sitting around going “I am so sad that Obamacare is coming.” All evidence is obviously anecdotal here, but for the most part I was engaging with real, soul-deep relief and excitement for the ACA, which I had never really experienced before.

So even though I didn’t have strong feelings about this resource before today, I am now very glad that it did not shut down with all the national parks today!

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