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Being There

President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speak with survivors of Hurricane Sandy inside a community center while touring damaged areas in Brigantine (Reuters/Larry Downing)

Live streaming of President Obama in New Jersey:



President Obama in New Jersey

(FEMA Headquarters, Oct. 31. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Obama is due to arrive in New Jersey around 1:0 ET – he will view storm damage with Governor Chris Christie

Presumably there’ll be some live coverage on all the channels – try these links too:

CBS * CNN * MSNBC * C-Span


wisconsin, wednesday

President Obama talks with Joyce Fowler during his visit to Master Lock in Milwaukee



Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker presents President Obama with a Milwaukee Brewers baseball jersey upon his arrival at General Mitchell International Airport

…. speaking with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Left: Rep. Gwen Moore and Scott Walker


President Obama tours Master Lock with Senior Vice President Bob Rice


President Barack Obama shakes hands with DiAndre Jackson after Jackson introduced him at the Master Lock Company in Milwaukee


coming up

You can see the detailed schedule at the White House site

Check these sites for live coverage:

Herald Sun * Yahoo Australia * Sydney Morning Herald * ABC Australia

The White House site will have live coverage of the President’s address to the Australian parliament at 6:15 PM ET


Read the President’s after-dinner remarks from last night here – hopefully the video will appear soon. Thanks Barb








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David Rothkopf (Foreign Policy): Watching this weekend’s Republican presidential debate …. by God’s good graces … the views expressed represented those of people who will have precious little influence over America’s international course. Only one of these people can be the Republican nominee. And, in part thanks to performances like what we saw on Saturday, even that individual is very likely not going to ever be president of the United States.

…. Romney isn’t going to be the next President either. In all likelihood that will be Barack Obama. Here are 10 reasons why….

…. Whoever is the Republican candidate has to run against the very disciplined, intelligent, well-prepared, charismatic president. Which of those folks you saw Saturday night can hold their own versus Obama?

…. And so, while making predictions a year out is a sucker’s game, for those of you who watched the Saturday debate and were disheartened there is at least all the above to suggest that none of it mattered that much anyway. As of right now the favorite to be the next president of the U.S. has to be the current president of the U.S.

Full article here


Sun Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivers his first major speech for President Barack Obama Saturday in Des Moines, drawing the spotlight away from Republicans who have been dominating the 2012 presidential news from Iowa.

“We could not be more thrilled,” Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky told me. I’m told by an Obama team member that a good portion of Emanuel’s speech will be personal testimony about working with Obama. It will “focus on his leadership and his character coming from someone who worked by his side for two years.”

More here

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‘the oddest couple’


‘a bully, a punk, a mean-spirited, spoiled, vindictive, cruel man’. nice.

NYT: If he runs for president, Chris Christie might highlight the themes he mentioned in his speech at the Reagan Presidential Library, promising a new era of bipartisanship and compromise like the one he largely takes credit for achieving as governor of New Jersey.

…. Mr. Christie’s brief tenure at the helm of New Jersey’s government in Trenton has been marked by as much acrimony as there has been agreement … he presided over two years of loud yelling, back and forth …. he once said to reporters, of a state senator in her 70s who had criticized him, “Can you guys please take the bat out on her for once?”….

After a tough budget battle in June, Stephen M. Sweeney, the Senate president and one of Mr. Christie’s allies in the Legislature, called him “a bully and a punk,” “mean-spirited,” “spoiled,” “vindictive” and “a cruel man,” adding, “I wanted to punch him in his head.” Not exactly the stuff of happy-go-lucky bipartisanship and easygoing compromise.

… Mr. Christie’s adversaries in New Jersey – who include most of the Democratic lawmakers and the unions – take issue strenuously with his contention that his administration has represented “leadership and compromise,” as he said in the speech.

Some of the most important pieces of legislation of his tenure have gotten through the Democratic Legislature with mostly Republican support, while most Democrats voted against them. And the unions, in particular, have bristled at the governor’s decision to single them out in his efforts to deal with the state’s finances.

In town halls across New Jersey, Mr. Christie has been assailed by teachers who have accused him of attacking their profession and pushing through anti-union legislation by bullying Democratic legislators….

Richard L. Trumka: “Any worker in New Jersey who’s experienced Chris Christie’s idea of compromise, which panders to corporate interests and leaves working families behind, will tell you that it’s not working for them.”

Full article here


‘go home, mr christie’

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he’s running! oh, wait.

February, 2011

NJ. com: Members of Gov. Chris Christie’s inner circle said today he won’t run for president, batting down increased speculation that spiked on Monday when former Gov. Tom Kean said Christie was thinking about throwing his hat in the ring.

Christie’s brother, a well-connected Republican fundraiser, said the governor hasn’t changed his mind. “I’m sure that he’s not going to run,” Todd Christie said. “If he’s lying to me, I’ll be as stunned as I’ve ever been in my life.”

Three people close to Christie said they were surprised by Kean’s comments …. They said the two men hadn’t spoken in about a week and they insisted that Christie wasn’t going to run. Kean told the magazine’s website on Monday that Christie is giving a presidential run “a lot of thought,” saying, “I think the odds are a lot better now than they were a couple weeks ago.” … Kean has not returned phone calls….


The NYT said today that one of the wealthy GOP supporters offering to back Christie is none other than that charming enemy of democracy, David Koch. Wow, these creatures really aren’t happy with their field, eh?


yet more pete & samantha genius…

Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery, Sept. 10

…. visiting the crash site following a ceremony at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa., Sept. 11

Shanksville, Pa., Sept. 11

Shanksville, Pa., Sept. 11

…. the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., Sept. 11

First Lady Michelle Obama signs a program for children at the Pentagon, Sept. 11

President Obama greets a girl while touring a neighborhood affected by Hurricane Irene in Wayne, N.J., Sept. 4

President Obama hugs a woman in the crowd after addressing the Labor Day celebration in Detroit, Sept. 5

Detroit, Mich., Sept. 5

First Lady Michelle Obama plays table tennis during a Let’s Move! event in New York, Sept. 9

….. with Rep. Eric Cantor prior to his address to a Joint Session of Congress, Sept. 8

….. with 2010 NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra, before a ceremony to honor Johnson’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, Sept. 7

Official White House Photos by Pete Souza and Samantha Appleton – more here


christie’s after someone’s job. (pete souza’s)

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