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Maze Jackson

In the comments under the last post, Kasai passed on this article by Maze Jackson that was sent to her recently (there’s a link to it here at the TruthBTold blog). It’s such a pile of steaming crap I’m not posting it all, but here are a few lines:

“…. I have not been the most ardent Barack Obama supporter. I have always been wary of his commitment to Black people…”

“…..Combine that with another seemingly legitimate Black candidate, Herman Cain….”

(Note: The President is “seemingly legitimate”)

“Obama’s election demonstrated that in dire times, Americans are willing to give anything a try, hence the first Black President…”

“Make no mistake about it; I have my own personal grievances against OUR President. I really think he could have done more for Blacks, but I know “he’s trying not to be the angry Black man,” as Jay – Z was recently quoted in Rolling Stone. I think if he would have been the angry Black man, capable of properly articulating his thoughts, they would not be trying to punk him right now….”

“But he’s still family, and when someone attacks your family, no matter what the circumstances, you defend home. We can take Obama to the woodshed for ignoring us these past three years AFTER we get him re-elected. But he better get it right or he’ll be the LAST BLACK PRESIDENT.”


Kasai also found this (link):

Why I like Black Republicans! by Maze Jackson

….I would NEVER join the Tea Party, I profess to be a life-long Democrat. But I must admit, that if it weren’t for the programs and initiatives that I benefited from personally (and now the fact that they’ve gone completely loony) I would have considered joining the Republican Party. Pause for shock and awe. I only say that because of their position on taxes and the fact I would like to keep more of what I earn. Being a Democrat has been good to me, so I will remain loyal.

It got me to thinking about why isn’t our generation more open minded to the possibilities of joining other political parties. Make no mistake, I am not advocating for the Republican Party, but just considering our interests….

…. Do you ever wonder why our community always seems to get the short end of the stick, no matter who is in power? I surmise that it is precisely because of our ABSOLUTE loyalty to the Democratic Party, that we remain virtually powerless politically ….

So here’s what I say…let’s be a little smarter. Let’s not be blinded by the D or the R behind someone’s name, but by what they can do for us…

…. I bet if the Republicans thought they even had a chance to win the Black vote, they’d be more willing to compromise on social and fiscal issues most important to us. That scenario – all we do is “WIN, WIN and WIN, NO MATTER WHAT!” See why I like Black Republicans?


Oh Maze, you’re just not subtle, are you?


PS His bio (here) says he has “successfully operated Universal MazJac Enterprise for fifteen years” – funny, its website is still under construction


But you have to admit, Maze is delightfully modest: “Recognized as one of the sharpest young political minds in Illinois, Maze has a penchant for winning difficult and challenging campaigns, clearly identifying the path to victory, developing the strategy, and executing the tactics needed to ensure victory. Most recently, Maze served as Statewide Field Director for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and was widely recognized as one of the key components to victory.” (Link)


Link to his Twitter account here


‘the dirty trick that launched anthony weiner’s career’

Steve Kornacki (Salon): …if this does end up being the end for Anthony Weiner’s public career, it might not be quite the injustice it seems like – at least if you know how his career began.

Twenty years ago, Weiner’s opening came when the City Council was radically expanded … One of the new districts, the 48th, would be in Southern Brooklyn. It was a neat match for Weiner … there was no incumbent, and the population was heavily Jewish. He jumped in the race.

He was not the favorite … as the all-important Sept. 10 Democratic primary approached, the consensus was that he’d come up short…

It was at this point that Weiner’s campaign decided to blanket the district with leaflets attacking his opponents. But these were no ordinary campaign attacks: They played the race card, and at a very sensitive time. They were also anonymous.

Just weeks earlier, the Crown Heights riot – a deadly, days-long affair that brought to the surface long-standing tension between the area’s black and Jewish populations – had played out a few miles away from the 48th District…

It was just days after order had been restored that Weiner’s campaign distributed its anonymous leaflets, which linked (Democrat rival) Adele Cohen – whose voters he was targeting in particular – to Jesse Jackson and David Dinkins, who was then New York’s mayor. It is hard to imagine two more-hated political figures in the 48th District at that moment … The leaflets urged voters to “just say no” to the “Jackson-Dinkins agenda” that Cohen supposedly represented. At City Hall, Dinkins held up the flier and branded it “hateful.”

….Weiner finished in first place … only after the ballots were counted did he admit that he’d been behind the leaflets, claiming that “We didn’t want the source to be confused with the message.”…

… who knows where Weiner would be today if he hadn’t made such a dark appeal to racial hostility days after a notorious riot?

…..Is it unfair if he loses his political future because of a scandal as dumb as this one? Sure. But it’s also not exactly fair that he ever made it this far.

Full article here


‘code-word fears’

GOPolitico: Rev. Jesse Jackson told POLITICO today that the birther movement is part of a larger pattern of rollbacks against civil rights and and an attack on the legitimacy of the nation’s first African-American president..

“Any discussion of his birthplace is a code word,” said Jackson. “It calls upon ancient racial fears. Trump has trumpeted this cause. For him to go down this low is a bit surprising,” Jackson said, making explicit what many black leaders have suggested. “He is now tapping into code-word fears that go far beyond a rational discourse.”

Jackson also pointed to a broader pattern of hostility towards civil rights – pointing to a number of events, including the battle over public sector unions, a transportation policy that he says disadvantages poor minority city dwellers, and a renewed interest in policies like voter ID.

“I’m saying there’s a pattern here. It’s not just name calling of Barack. We’ll win that battle,” said Jackson ‘There is a retreat – a pronounced, documented retreat on civil rights enforcement.”

“This is the most personal attacks on any president ever,” said Jackson. “Whose personal religion has ever been challenged before? That has strong racial overtones.”


‘an old and tawdry game’

Jesse Jackson (in the Chicago Sun-Times): Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican presidential candidate ratings while campaigning on the nutty charge that President Obama isn’t American, that he is not legally qualified to be president.

The Trump effect has led others, like Sarah Palin, to start hedging their dismissal of these absurdities. If this continues, the Republican race could turn into a race for the muck.

…he’s riding a toxic wave by emitting poisonous charges he must know are not true. This nonsense about Obama’s birth is one of various efforts to label him as un-American, as alien. Some say he’s not a Christian, but a Muslim. Mike Huckabee muses on the Kenyan socialism Obama must have imbibed while growing up in Kenya, where he never lived.

This is an old and tawdry game. When Dr. King was challenging segregation, Southerners knew they couldn’t win the argument with him on equal rights or the right to vote. So they labeled him a communist. They said he was an outside agitator, even though his church was in Georgia. When he spoke out against Vietnam, they debated not his views, but his qualification even to have an opinion. He was a preacher, they scorned, not a foreign-policy expert, even though the experts got us into the debacle. For King, as for Obama, all this was simply a diversion, a way not to debate his ideas or his positions, but to dismiss them from consideration by slurring the messenger.

…We now know Donald Trump is happy to peddle a lie about America’s president. We know virtually nothing about his views on America’s course forward … Voters shouldn’t honor or reward him – or anyone – for that.

Full article here


going green

First Lady Michelle Obama visits Fort Jackson, South Carolina, January 27

CNN : First Lady Michelle Obama took her campaign to battle childhood obesity to the military on Thursday. “It’s not just a health issue for children, its a national security issue,” Mrs. Obama said at Fort Jackson in South Carolina as she promoted her ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative. Fort Jackson is the Army’s largest basic training facility.

Obama attended a briefing led by Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the Army’s Deputy Commanding General for training, on the poor state of physical fitness for today’s youth, and the difficulty for the military to attract new recruits who can meet basic fitness standards. Of the 129,000 new recruits every year, approximately 40 percent are overweight.

While at Fort Jackson, Obama also toured the base and visited it’s “Go Green” dining program, which encourages healthy eating. She also attended a ceremony for 1,100 soldiers of the First battalion thirty fourth regiment, 165th brigade who were graduating from basic training.

More here


burgers, milkshakes, wings, cookies, cakes, still skinny. grrrrrr.


this a big ****ing lovely deal

The Justice Department sued BP, Transocean and three other companies involved in the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, charging that they broke environmental laws.

The Obama administration is suing the companies “for the impact this spill has had on our environment and the livelihoods of those who depend on the Gulf’s ecosystem,” Lisa Jackson, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said at a press conference.

The Justice Department’s civil and criminal investigations into the oil leak are continuing, said Attorney General Eric Holder. “We intend to hold them fully accountable for their violations of the law,” he said of the companies in the suit.


dolled up

Matryoshka dolls in the likeness of late singer Michael Jackson, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama stand on display at a souvenir stall in the city center on June 20, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia


the Beat of a Different Drum







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