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pitiful piers

Sorry to inflict Piers Morgan on you again, but you have to hear this.

The good stuff: the wonderful Dionne Warwick.

The stomach-churning stuff – Morgan: “I’ve had a lot of African Americans on the show – intelligent ones – who have all been disappointed in his delivery of the great promise.”

First, “intelligent ones”? What?

Second, all the African Americans he’s had on his show – who he’s encouraged to express huge disappointment in the President – have criticized him?


Even Morgan “if I could vote for him 1,000 times, I would” Freeman …. last week?


Piers’ face was truly a picture when Dionne said: “I love that man. I think he is brilliant.”

Never mind Piers, you can try again with your next intelligent African American guest.


Piers Morgan on Twitter here


Thanks for the reminder globalcitizenlinda 😉


Morgan on Twitter last night:

“A bit clumsy”?


benen on bonkers bachmann

Steve Benen: ….Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins, who recently joined Rep. Michele Bachmann’s team, defended the likely GOP presidential candidate’s credentials:

“…I think the key thing here is she – if she does become a candidate, which I think she will, she will have a good team around her and will basically make sure that everything is fact checked and obviously she’s smart, she’s on the intelligence committee, you know, so she can talk about a lot of different things.”

Republicans realize that being on the Intelligence Committee does not make someone intelligent, right? They know “intelligence,” in this committee context, relates to reviewing materials and documents related to national security, don’t they?

…..I still can’t bring myself to see Bachmann as anything but a joke who would struggle badly to compete nationwide. Her principal problem is, to put it gently, she’s stark raving mad. 😆 Even in a radicalized party … she stands out as one of Congress’ most loony-tunes members.

I won’t deny that this is likely to help Bachmann with many equally-unhinged Republican voters, but I also believe the party desperately wants to win in 2012. Even the most wild-eyed Tea Party fanatic understands, at a certain level, that the American mainstream is far more likely to laugh at Michele Bachmann than vote for her.

Regardless, she’s clearly running, and we’ll see soon enough whether the Republican base is really that far gone.

More here


change …… :-)

Channel Four (UK): You get a flavour of why David Cameron might be so keen to bask in Barack Obama‘s glory on this trip in various photo ops. We asked YouGov to repeat a poll they did in November 2003 when President George W Bush was in town and see how the numbers changed. It suggests that Brits love Obama as much as they hated Bush.

The 2003 poll suggested that 75 per cent polled had little or no confidence in President Bush. Today 72 per cent have a great deal or fair mount of confidence in President Obama. In today’s poll, 81 per cent think President Obama is highly intelligent, back in 2003 17 per cent thought the US had got itself an highly intelligent president. You get the picture.







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