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hello people

I just wanted to explain why some of you have to wait a bit before your comments show up under posts.

Naturally enough, a whole bunch of creatures who don’t like the President very much (you know, hate-consumed blood-curdling half-wit numbskull dipstick nut-jobs) attempt to share their thoughts (and I use the word loosely) with us on a regular basis, so in an effort to ensure they remain in their cesspits and don’t infest this little blog the settings only allow through comments from people with brains. That’d be you people.

(I should, though, thank the creatures – they usually point out that the President is black. I never knew that!)

But! If you have a account and you had a comment approved at some point, then the rest of your comments will show up instantly.

If you don’t have a account then your comments effectively are from a ‘new’ person every time – so I need to ‘approve’ them. If I’m asleep at the time – and I sleep an awful lot (it’s my hobby) – then they won’t get through until I wake up.

I think – and I could be entirely wrong about this – if you just sign up for a account, without ever actually using it, then you’ll get on that, err, illustrious ‘approved’ list. But no worries AT ALL if you’d prefer not to do that, I’ll clear your comments as soon as I wake from my slumber.

The hate-mongers will, I promise, never infest this site, but occasionally, like last night, one of them escapes their cesspit. If you spot a comment by one of these unpleasant people let me me know (use ‘contact me’ in the top right of the sidebar) and I will take immense pleasure in clicking ‘trash’. Best place for them 😉

Thanks people. Love ya all.







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