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“it’s just a big old political game….”

Merle Haggard (left) during the Kennedy Center Honorees Reception at the White House, December 5

Rolling Stone – Merle Haggard: “It was also nice to meet Obama and find him very different from the media makeout. It’s really almost criminal what they do with our President. There seems to be no shame or anything. They call him all kinds of names all day long, saying he’s doing certain things that he’s not. It’s just a big old political game that I don’t want to be part of. There are people spending their lives putting him down. I’m sure some of it’s true and some of it’s not. I was very surprised to find the man very humble and he had a nice handshake. His wife was very cordial to the guests and especially me. They made a special effort to make me feel welcome. It was not at all the way the media described him to be.”

What’s the biggest lie out there about Obama?

He’s not conceited. He’s very humble about being the President of the United States, especially in comparison to some presidents we’ve had who come across like they don’t need anybody’s help…..

Did you talk to the President much?

I told him, “You and I have something in common: our wives are both taller than we are.” And he said “No! She’s got on 3-inch heels! And she is not that tall!” He was like me. He grabbed that real quick.

Rolling Stone interview here


merle, paul, oprah, bill & jerry

President Obama greets the 2010 Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House – Merle Haggard, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Bill T. Jones, and Jerry Herman

(Not sure what took so long, but this video has just been uploaded on the White House YouTube site)


famous five

The 2010 Kennedy Center honorees : Oprah Winfrey, Bill T. Jones, Jerry Herman, Merle Haggard and Paul McCartney

President Obama and first lady Michelle arrive at a reception for the recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors at the White House, Dec. 5

Paul McCartney clasps hands with Bill Jones as Jerry Herman applauds

Information on the recipients here

The President and First Lady attend a gala in honor of the recipients at the Kennedy Center tonight – it will be broadcast Dec. 28 on CBS.







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