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St Petersburg Times: Charles Fuller … disillusioned by political bickering and the slowness of the economic recovery, decided he needed to make his voice heard. So the 41-year-old grocer …decided to write to the man in charge: President Barack Obama.

“I was concerned about the dire way, financially, the country was going. My concern was that we keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing, and as a parent, my fear was that we were going to leave this country in far worse shape than we received it in,” he said…

In his letter, Fuller admitted he didn’t vote for Obama. “I didn’t believe in a million years that my letter would ever cross the president’s desk,” he said. “I really wrote the letter because I needed to vent.”

But several weeks ago .. Fuller was stunned to receive a handwritten response from the leader of the free world.

“The fact that the president read my letter and took it to heart, and that the words of somebody who admittedly didn’t vote for him would inspire him or make him take notice to another valid opinion … sort of restored my faith in the American government, in this administration – that a grocer from Florida could have the president take notice,” Fuller said.

And take notice he did. On Wednesday, Obama referenced Fuller’s letter at the end of his speech laying out his ideas for reducing the deficit and securing America’s fiscal future.

Obama read aloud part of Fuller’s letter … “It was quite a moment,” said Fuller, who watched the speech live ….In turn, Fuller said, he found optimism in Obama’s speech.

“I may not particularly agree with his entire plan for financial success for the country, but I believe it’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

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