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a word from tally: the insult that is @AnnDRomney

The Insult that is @AnnDRomney New Blonde Barbie® Media Darling

Everyone needs to understand and wrap their heads around the fact that neither Ann nor Mitt Romney came from poverty. They were both born into enormous wealth, and have not had one day of struggle in their lives. They went to private schools, traveled to Europe, and went to expensive Universities they didn’t need a student loan or scholarship for. They have not the remotest understanding of how most Americans live.

Even one of* Ann Romney’s nannies agrees with Hilary Rosen: Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. For the GOP/Media to even suggest that Ann Romney is your average stay-at-home mom is one of the biggest insults to mothers everywhere to date.

*This begs the question, just how many nannies did the Romney’s employ, and at any given time? How many gardeners? Cooks? Maids? Household staff? Accountants? Drivers? Stable hands/grooms/trainers? Personal assistants?

I get that many of you are sick of it, and I completely understand why, but I guarantee you the GOP/Media aren’t letting this go anytime soon.  It is not in our best interests to ignore it. We need to stop repeating the mistakes of the past.

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a word from tally: the pill for dummies

by Tally


So – I managed to stay awake for the first few minutes of Bill Maher last night, and he made a comment about Rush & SlutGate, and I had a tiny revelation.

As a female I have been on The (birth control) Pill for most of my adult life, and it never occurred to me until Rush and his ignorant yammering, that there must be millions of people who actually not only have no idea how it works, but HOW OFTEN YOU TAKE IT.

It’s now clear that Rush thinks it’s like Viagra, in that you take it when you want to have sex.  There is so much to say to this, but it’s starting to feel like making fun of someone who is handicapped.

Now before all of you who KNOW what’s up with the pill hurt yourselves from laughing at the obvious, stop and think about it – A LOT of people have no clue.

Sex Education is mostly NOT taught in the schools any more and the biology of The Pill would most likely be the last thing discussed even if it were. There are plenty of people who have no reason to know the mechanics of The Pill.

I’m even sure that there are many MEN who have that QUEASY GENE when it comes to Girlie Stuff™ and cannot, in all their macho glory, muster the bravery to go buy a box of tampons at the local supermarket.

So, for the record, allow me to explain, just in case you THINK you know, or have someone that needs explaining TO – you can send them the following explanation:

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