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Funniest. Video. Ever. #RomneyPlaneFeatures

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Rise and Shine

President Obama waves to the media after landing at the airport in Los Cabos, June 17


All times ET

11:05: The President attends a bilateral meeting with President Calderón of Mexico

12:15: Attends a bilateral meeting with President Putin of Russia

4:45: Arrives at the Convention Center and participates in the official arrival greet with President Calderón of Mexico

5:00: Attends the first G-20 plenary session

8:15: Participates in the official photo with leaders

8:45: Participates in a working dinner with G-20 leaders





Steve Benen: President Obama’s announcement on immigration policy clearly has sweeping implications. The substance of the measure, which will benefit hundreds of thousands of families, is what matters most, but it’s an election year and moves like these affect the electoral landscape in a big way – especially for the president’s opponent.

While Obama’s willingness to implement the goals of the DREAM Act is likely to boost his support among Latino voters, Republican Mitt Romney has found himself in a far more uncomfortable position. This was evident on yesterday’s “Face the Nation” where he didn’t want to talk about the president’s move.

Four times CBS’s Bob Schieffer asked whether Romney, if elected, would keep Obama’s new policy in place and four times Romney refused to give a straight answer.

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Daily Beast: What really happened at the Obama fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house? … it was Bravo host Andy Cohen who stole the show when he played Plead the Fifth with the president …. Under the rules of the game, Cohen asks the guests three questions, and they get to plead the fifth only on one of them.

Obama asked: “Are you going to give me all three questions up front?” When Cohen said no, the president, gesturing to aides, replied: “Well, there are going to be some nervous people in the back of the room.”

Undeterred, Cohen launched into his first question, an easy one: “What’s your best perk? You know, like having beers with Hillary Clinton or being able to call any person in the world in the middle of the night?”

Obama said the best perk of the presidency for him was the Truman Balcony, because he got to sit out there with his wife on their “date night” and look at the view.

Then came what the world of fashion and entertainment would consider a curveball: “Choose an outfit that Michelle wears that you don’t like. What is it and why?”

“I plead the fifth!” the president said, to hearty laughter.

“Now I want to know what it is,” Michelle Obama said.

“No way. I’m not crazy,” her husband said.

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CBS: … Mitt Romney jumped into the 2012 presidential race today with a video that reminds voters of one of his greatest strengths as a candidate: his economic credentials. Democrats, meanwhile, are busy reminding voters of one of his biggest weaknesses as a candidate in the Republican presidential primary: his association with health care reform.

Democratic officials in key primary states are holding “celebrations” this week to mark the fifth-year anniversary of the health care plan Romney implemented in Massachusetts.

The White House has said the nation has Romney to thank for inspiring the president’s health care overhaul…so it was clearly tongue-in-cheek when the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced that tomorrow, politicians and health care advocates will hold an event to “thank Romney for providing the critical momentum necessary to get President Obama’s vision of health reform through Congress and signed into law”.

“Mitt Romney is nothing short of a founding father of modern health reform,” reads a press release from the state party, “a person who has left an indelible mark on Massachusetts’ health care reform as well as the national health reform law and its major elements, including the individual responsibility provision which is critical to making the law work and lowering costs for all who enter the system.”

…The Tuesday event in Concord will feature over-sized thank you card as well a birthday cake to mark the anniversary of Romney’s plan… Democrats in Iowa are holding a similar event at a children’s furniture and accessories shop called Simply for Giggles….

…The DNC says on its blog that other states are holding their own events to mark the anniversary of Romney’s plan. It says the Massachusetts reforms “helped blaze a trail for progressive reform” and points out that Romney stood by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, a liberal icon, as he signed the state reforms into law.

The DNC is encouraging its supporters to tweet, “Thanks @mittromney, founding father of health care reform, on its 5th bday! B/c of you, nat’l health care reform is a reality! #fitn #TYMitt.”







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