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Rise and Shine


The San Francisco Examiner: … Four years ago, under a different owner, The San Francisco Examiner endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin for president. Happily, the nation’s voters had a better idea. Today, as a different paper under new ownership, we wholeheartedly endorse Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a second term so that they can move forward with reforms this country needs.

A president’s second term is an opportunity to implement his legacy agenda. Nothing we have seen suggests that Barack Obama will be content to rest on his laurels in the next four years.

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Today (all times ET):

12:25: President Obama departs San Francisco

4:20: Arrives in Columbus, Ohio

4:30: Michelle Obama speaks to grassroots supporters in Loudoun County, Va. (CNN have this listed for live streaming, but for 5:20 – will check)

5:00: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event at Ohio State University in Columbus

7:15: Departs Columbus

7:30: Michelle Obama attends a campaign fundraising event in McLean, Va.

8:40: President Obama arrives at the White House



Miami Herald: From a Florida Democratic Party email: …. September is the 8th consecutive month that Democrats have out-registered Republicans …. registered 18,063 more voters than Republicans, beating them by 16-percent …. they had a nearly 30-percent registration advantage with Hispanics. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in Hispanic registration by roughly 10-points.

In September, Democrats had a 21-percent registration advantage with women. Overall, Democrats are beating Republicans in women registration by roughly 10-points….

Florida’s September voter registration data shows Democrats’ most impressive month yet: we’ve out-registered the GOP in Florida by over 16-percent in September, with over 43,000 new Democrats on the rolls.

Florida Democrats have built the strongest, largest ground game this state has ever seen – we are entering the final month in a strong position to win Democratic victories up and down the ticket.

Thank you for your handwork and support. We’ve got 29 days to bring it home and we can’t let up now.

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Gotta Register


Here’s a poll that probably won’t get much attention 😉

Washington Post


Deaniac83 (The People’s View): Last week, we talked a little bit about the Right’s attempt to play the refs by complaining that pollsters were polling too many Democrats – where in fact, the numbers were justified by both the Democrats’ registration advantage and last presidential election’s voting patterns. So what did our national media and pollsters do? They quickly groveled at the feet of the loud screeching noise-makers, of course.

Today, for example, there is a Pew poll out showing Mitt Romney has taken a lead in national polling of likely voters, 49-45, a full 11-point swing since the same poll from two weeks ago. Did the debate make all the difference? Don’t be silly. Here’s what really happened: Pew polled fewer voters altogether, and, they acquiesced to the wingnut browbeating and entirely took away the Democratic registration advantage documented in actual voting in 2008, registration data, and well, their own previous polling. Here, in a nutshell, is what really happened….

See here



President Obama embraces United Farm Workers President Arturo S. Rodriguez as he arrives to speak at the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument, Oct. 8, 2012 (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Thousands packed the grounds at La Paz to hear President Obama announce the establishment of the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument

(Felix Adamo/The Californian)



Dana Milbank: …. Scrubbing one’s brain clean of previous positions has been Mitt Romney’s stock in trade. In fact, his foreign-policy speech Monday to the Virginia Military Institute was one long gargle-and-rinse of the candidate’s previous positions.

Last year, Romney called the Obama administration’s intervention in Libya “mission creep and mission muddle.” On Monday, he accused Obama of declining to use “America’s greatest power to shape history”…. Last year, Romney said American troops “shouldn’t go off and try to fight a war of independence for another nation …. On Monday, he spoke of that same conflict as a matter of the utmost national importance…. Last year, Romney reversed his earlier support for the Iraq war …. On Monday, he was back to his original view….

Just a few months ago, Romney said “there’s just no way” to achieve peace between the Israelis and Palestinians because Palestinians are “not wanting to see peace.” …. On Monday, he said he would “recommit America to the goal of a democratic, prosperous Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security” with Israel.

Rub-a-dub-dub! Four positions got scrubbed.

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NYT Editorial: Mitt Romney mounted a big foreign policy display on a flag-draped stage at the Virginia Military Institute on Monday, serving up a lot of tough-sounding sound bites and hawkish bumper stickers, some of them even bumping up somewhere close to the truth, to give the appearance that he would be stronger and more forceful on international affairs than President Obama.

He seems to consider himself, ludicrously, a leader similar to the likes of Harry Truman and George Marshall, and, at one point, he obliquely questioned Mr. Obama’s patriotism. The hope seems to be that big propaganda, said loudly and often, will drown out Mr. Obama’s respectable record in world affairs, make Americans believe Mr. Romney would be the better leader and cover up the fact that there is mostly just hot air behind his pronouncements.

…. Americans deserve an intensive, textured and honest discussion on foreign policy. They did not get it on Monday. Mr. Obama should respond, forcefully, to Mr. Romney on these issues, even before their next debate on Oct. 16, which will include issues of foreign affairs.

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The Fact Checker (Washington Post): We will leave analysis of the GOP presidential nominee’s major foreign-policy address to the pundits, though we were pleased to see that he did not repeat his frequent claim that Obama “apologized” for America — a phrase we and other fact-checkers have long debunked.

Still, we were interested in his assertion about the size of the Navy. Is the Navy really in the worst shape it has been in 96 years?

…. The Pinocchio Test: This is a nonsense fact. In his counting of ships, Romney equates gunboats with aircraft carriers and torpedo boats with nuclear-powered submarines. For such an important speech, one would think the candidate would resolve to use the most relevant facts possible.

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President Obama at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, Oct 8 (Max Morse/Getty)

The speech will be available at C-Span some time today




(Christopher Dilts for Obama for America)





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Time: President Obama dismissed Republican rival Mitt Romney’s critiques of his foreign policy credentials in an exclusive TIME interview, saying the GOP frontrunner’s attacks are little more than primary posturing that will wither under the glare of “a serious debate.”

“I think Mr. Romney and the rest of the Republican field are going to be playing to their base until the primary season is over,” Obama told TIME’s Fareed Zakaria during a White House interview that will appear in the next issue of TIME magazine. “Overall, I think it’s going to be pretty hard to argue that we have not executed a strategy over the last three years that has put America in a stronger position than it was than when I came into office.”

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ABC: Although it is not apparent on his financial disclosure form, Mitt Romney has millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven.

…… As the race for the Republican nomination heats up, Mitt Romney is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a shroud of secrecy around the details about his vast personal wealth, including, as ABC News has discovered, his investment in funds located offshore and his ability to pay a lower tax rate.

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Greg Sargent: …. Take special note of the quote that one expert gave to ABC: “His personal finances are a poster child of what’s wrong with the American tax system.” …. this is very dicey for Romney. Dems want to paint Romney as the walking embodiment of everything that’s unfair about our tax system and of all the ways the system is rigged on behalf of the rich and against the middle class. This won’t hurt that case.

One wonders if these revelations – combined with the layoffs at Bain; Romney’s tax rate; the fact that his tax plan would give the very wealthy enormous tax cuts while raising taxes marginally on lower income people; and his penchant for saying things that perfectly feed the “one percent” storyline – will generate any concerns among Romney’s top backers about his electability.

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Media Matters: The Washington Examiner blog Beltway Confidential put up a post yesterday reporting that President Obama’s acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jeffrey Zients, worked at Bain & Company in the late 1980s. The Examiner suggested that this could “undercut attacks on Republican Mitt Romney’s career as a venture capitalist, because Zients and Romney are both alumni of Bain & Company.”

……. The criticism of Romney has focused on his work at Bain Capital, not his time at Bain & Company.

To be clear: Bain & Company is an entirely separate entity from Bain Capital …. The Drudge Report linked to the Beltway Confidential post with the headline “OBAMA PICKS BAIN MAN FOR OMB…”:

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ThinkProgress: Samantha Garvey, a New York high school senior who has been living in a homeless shelter and recently named a semi-finalist in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search competition, will be Rep. Steve Israel’s (D-NY) guest at President Obama’s State of the Union address next Tuesday.

…. Israel told Newsday he was moved by Garvey’s story. “The State of the Union attracts the most powerful people on Earth, but I really think Samantha can teach them all a lesson in perseverance,” he said.


More: …. Michelle Obama is one of those people you sense before you see, her confidence somehow arriving on the scene a few seconds before she does. Even a roomful of antsy teenagers can feel it, leading them to fall silent moments before the first lady strides into the State Dining Room and greets them with a friendly “Hey! What’s happening?”

…. “They call me FLOTUS, for first lady of the United States,” she explains, noting that the president’s internal White House acronym is POTUS. “And there are many times when FLOTUS and POTUS feel like characters.” There have even been times, she says, when she’s craned her own neck to see which celebrity might be causing all the excitement. “And it’s me. Oh, man, it’s FLOTUS. FLOTUS is here. No one told me FLOTUS was coming.”

….. “But sometimes,” Obama tells her class of mentees, “I just want to be Michelle. So you guys have to start slowly seeing me as Michelle, all right?”

More here

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The biggest news of the day (well, in Tally-land)

Congratualtions Tally!


‘the aftermath of a benign whirlwind’

Irish Times: IF HOME is where the heart is, then Barack Obama became a true son of Ireland yesterday. And we all walk a little taller today.

But none more so than the villagers of Moneygall, who welcomed the president of the United States to their tiny village in Co Offaly and fell head over heels for his irresistible charm.

It is a day they, and we, will never forget….…From the moment Obama stepped from his armoured Cadillac SUV, he had the air of a man who meant business. One side of the long street was lined with people, many with babies and young children, who had stood and waited for more than five hours in atrocious weather to see the president.

“They’re like emperor penguins huddling against the Antarctic winter,” remarked a man from Foreign Affairs.

….The cheers that greeted him shook the very summit of the Slieve Blooms. And then the sun came out … The hug for young Henry was wide and warm and it set the tone for what was to come. After the pleasantries, Obama loped across to the swooning, screaming, singing crowd.

He plunged in – grabbing hands, grabbing babies, kissing babies; grabbing grannies, kissing grannies, getting kissed by grannies; hugging blushing farmers, embracing swooning teenagers and high-fiving simpering young fellas.

He posed for photographs, flashing that famous smile. Crowd-surfing toddlers were bumped over adult heads and into his hands … He talked and he listened and he laughed. The delirious crowd broke into song….

…Gorgeous Michelle, smiling in a shimmeringly elegant silk coat which was absolutely soaked with rain ….A little girl held up a sign: “Did you bring Bo?”….

…Stuffy? Reserved? Awkward? Not this fella. He could have given lessons yesterday to Bill Clinton.

Back outside, the crowd waited for Barack’s return. Ten minutes later, still wearing their damp clothes, the presidential couple emerged and they worked their way right to the end of the line. This was pure gold from Mr and Mrs President.

Finally, they took their leave, but they took their time. Obama, waving goodbye again and again and, just before his motorcade took off, he stood on the running board of the SUV, turned to the people and waved again.

What he left behind was like the aftermath of a benign whirlwind.

…“He held my hand, then he touched my hat, then he pulled me forward and kissed my cheek,” said Anne Maher, like she was describing the final chapter of a Mills and Boon novel.

…Everyone had a story … A perfect day…..

Full article here


and you thought politico couldn’t get any worse?

Julie Mason with a very good buddy

I’m dumb enough to look at Politico occasionally, but usually just to check breaking news – honest. The last few days I’ve noticed a string of bitchy, sarky articles (most of them on trivial nonsense) by the same reporter on President Obama and his team – even sarkier and bitchier than you usually get from Politico.

So, I looked up this Julie Mason – what a surprise, she joined Politico from right-wing rag The Washington Examiner earlier this month! For those lucky enough never to have come upon the Examiner, it makes Politico read like The Communist Manifesto. Needless to say, it endorsed McCain in 2008 and has, with Mason’s help, been relentlessly attacking President Obama ever since.

Remember the President, ahead of the 2010 mid-terms, said: “It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos and women, who powered our victory in 2008, stand together once again. It will be up to each of you to keep our nation moving forward.”

The headline on Mason’s piece in the Examiner? “Obama Disses White Guys.” Yeah, that’s what he was doing alright. 🙄

And Mason, in her shiny new job, is no less obsessed with race. Writing about the former deputy press secretary Bill Burton leaving the White House, she said: “But the departure of Burton, who is black, leaves Obama with an all-white press operation. Will Kevin Lewis re-join lower press?”

I wonder does Mason bring a calculator with her to the White House to count the ‘non-white’ faces? And is the only reason Kevin Lewis (White House director of African American media) might succeed Burton is that he is black?? Okay.

Her other obsession is the President’s “teleprompter dependency”. Seriously. He “relies on it probably more than he relies on Bill Daley”, she told us, treating us to her cutting edge and highly original right-wing wit. Zzzzzz.

Hey, great appointment Politico!

PS Which one interview of her career did she enjoy most? “Tom DeLay was a great interview – charming and a total character.” Too bad he charmed his way to a money laundering conviction, hey Julie?







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