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Washington Post: The political pressure on Mitt Romney to release more of his personal income tax returns is causing some divisions inside the GOP presidential candidate’s camp, according to a Republican strategist close to the campaign.

Although some advisers are arguing privately that Romney needs to release additional filings to curb the political fallout, others are resisting that suggestion, reflecting the candidate’s longtime reluctance to publicly disclose information about his personal finances.

….. Late Tuesday, after the interview with Romney, the editors of the National Review wrote an editorial arguing that the only question for Romney is “whether he releases more returns now, or later – after playing more defense on the issue and sustaining more hits.”

The editorial adds to a growing chorus of Romney allies urging him to make the additional information public …. Many Republicans say Romney’s refusal to release the tax returns is beginning to cost him politically.

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Paul Krugman: And so, predictably, Romney is accusing Obama of “attacking capitalism” and “dividing America” by raising questions about Bain and those hidden tax returns….

The special Romney twist – aside from the willful misrepresentation of what Obama actually said about business success — is Mitt’s desire to have it both ways. He’s proud of his business record and his success, he says, but at the same time wants us to believe that he had nothing to do with Bain’s actions over a three-year period when he was still its CEO, and is completely unwilling to let us see the tax returns that would tell us something about exactly how he achieved his current wealth. (There are two competing theories about his tax stonewalling. One is that he had one or more years of zero taxes. The other is that he actually made a lot of money in 2009, because he shorted the market. We may never know which is true.)

….. So Romney wants us to celebrate the success of people like him, even though their success doesn’t seem to have benefited ordinary families, and even though he stands for policies that would aggravate the gap between a fortunate few and everyone else. And then he accuses Obama of dividing America.

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11:50: Michelle Obama joins elected officials to announce public and private sector commitments for her Let’s Move! initiative in Pennsylvania

12:30: Jay Carney briefs the press

2:25: President Obama honors the 2012 NCAA Women’s Basketball Champion Baylor Bears

3:15: Michelle Obama is briefed on tornado recovery by local officials in Birmingham, Alabama and meets children affected by the storm

5:40 President Obama attends a campaign event at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

6:00: Michelle Obama delivers remarks at a campaign fundraising event in Birmingham


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