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Annals in “Missing the Point”

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This tweet has gnawed at me for a couple of days.

Let me start by saying this. As a son of legal immigrants, I of course have lived a life far different than that lived by Ms. Andiola. I’m a citizen, I’ve gone to the best schools without fear, I’ve walked the streets without fear, I’ve been able to leave the US and return without fear. In other words, I’ve been able to live without a fear that I would suddenly be uprooted and expelled from the only home I’ve known. I know I have lived a very blessed life.

I wish the same freedom from fear for Ms. Andiola. And in confronting Rep. Steve King, she certainly shows that she’s taking her fate into her own hands. I commend her for that.

But. Ms. Andiola betrays a tic of certain sectors. That last part of her tweet—”Will Obama stand up 2 King too”—is not only gratuitous and discourteous, but lacking in all appreciation of the realities of what Pres. Obama is doing.

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Rise and Shine


All times Eastern:

10:0: The President departs the White House

12:10: Arrives Galesburg, Illinois

12:55: Delivers remarks at Knox College

3:50: Departs Galesburg en route Warrensburg, Missouri

4:40: Arrives Warrensburg

5:20: Delivers remarks at the University of Central Missouri

6:15: Departs Warrensburg

8:15: Arrives Joint Base Andrews

8:30: Arrives the White House

Detailed schedule here


President Obama talks with Director of Speechwriting Cody Keenan in the Oval Office, July 23 (Photo by Pete Souza)

Yahoo: President Barack Obama’s speech on economic policy Wednesday will be the first in an ambitious series of six addresses laying out a sweeping vision for America’s future. The philosophy at the core of the campaign will be familiar, but there will be “aggressive new ideas.”

That’s according to Cody Keenan, the speechwriter in charge of crafting what may be Obama’s most far-reaching second-term effort to get Americans to sign on to his plans.

… Obama’s six speeches will cover education, housing, retirement security, health care, poverty and jobs, Keenan said…

“In the weeks ahead — especially when it comes to college costs, which is something he’s obsessed with — we’ll have some aggressive new ideas,” said Keenan.

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Time: Why Obama Keeps Going Back to One Small Illinois College

…. Knox has a special place in the President’s heart and in American history. “It’s the place where I gave my first big speech after I had been elected to the U.S. Senate,” Obama said at a recent event in Washington. Wednesday marks his third visit – once as a Senate candidate, once as a Senator and now as commander-in-chief – adding to a long history of presidents and political figures who have left a mark on the college.

Founded in 1837 by religious missionaries who opposed slavery, Knox College was, from its beginning, a progressive institution that welcomed women and people of color. In 1858, the college was the site of the fifth of seven Lincoln-Douglas debates, where Abraham Lincoln, challenging incumbent Senator Stephan A. Douglas, debated the nature and future of slavery.

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Headline of the week?

Leaders of the Republican Party are still predicting that Obamacare will be a disaster, one that will wreak havoc on American health care. Most of their allies in the media say the same thing. But a small group of conservative intellectuals has been warning that the law might not be so apocalyptical — that, with full implementation about to begin, wholesale repeal may no longer be possible…

… Once Americans can take advantage of the law’s benefits — once more low-income people become eligible for Medicaid, and once more low- and middle-income people start to get subsidies that will help them buy private insurance — taking those benefits away will be nearly impossible, particularly since Republicans still haven’t proposed an alternative that would come close to providing the same level of security.

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Michael Tomasky: Don’t Repeal Any Laws, Repeal John Boehner

The speaker says Republicans should be judged on how many laws they repeal. This is unprecedented, irresponsible, and terrifying. …

It would be impossible to name the craziest thing said by a Republican so far this year….

New entrants arrive constantly and the competition is feral. And yet paradoxically they don’t even shock anymore. But one recent Republican remark should arrest you and deserves your contemplation: John Boehner’s statement on Face the Nation Sunday that he and his House Republicans “ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”

It’s not an outrageous statement in the Obama-wants-to-impose-Sharia vein, but in its way it’s more disturbing. The Republican Party now sees dysfunction as not just an unfortunate consequence of a set of historical factors, something that they might work every now and again to correct. Now, the Republican Party sees dysfunction as its mission.

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Read Steve Benen on King here and Ed Kilgore here



La Opinión: Cruel and Indecent

Family values are a pillar of traditional Republican discourse. But as soon as it comes time to address immigration issues, all of their emphasis on family unity goes out the window, replaced by advocacy for division.

This is the logical conclusion that follows from the KIDS Act, being developed by the House of Representatives. While this House bill would legalize the status of minors brought to the United States without papers by their parents, it would be the only measure the lower house would approve to regularize the status of anyone undocumented, unlike the Senate bill that initially aspired to benefit 11 million people.

The bill’s sponsor, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, speaking in favor of the measure, stated that this is a matter of “decency and compassion”…..

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This and That

1:40: President Obama delivers remarks at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ Annual Conference, Orlando (coverage of the conference has started – CNN live streaming)

4:15: Delivers remarks at a campaign event, Tampa


Thank you Desertflower!


Actress Jane Lynch (2nd L) at the White House from where President Obama was departing for a trip to Florida

…. leaving for Florida


I’m sure most of you have read it by now, but for anyone who didn’t – don’t miss:

Washington Post


Charles Pierce: This vast new Washington Post report about how Willard Romney and his money-chewing friends got really wealthy by investing in companies dedicated to shipping American jobs overseas is yet one more reason why the Obama campaign really shouldn’t have slacked off from tearing into Romney’s career at Bain Capital just because Cory Booker, and Ed Rendell, and Bill Clinton got nervous about it. It also should set off another spate of really remarkable lying from the Republican candidate over the next few days…..

…. Willard Romney: friend of the working man. In Shanghai.

Of course, the Post felt itself obligated to include the now-mandatory non sequitur disclaimer about the magic of the global economy……. American business stopped caring about the political entity that is the United States of America a very long time ago … Now, we have a presidential candidate who is a perfect product of that new transnational economic system. Willard Romney could be — hell, should be — the vehicle through whom we pass judgment on all of it.

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