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‘working tirelessly for change’

Terry Donnelly (retired school teacher and author): News flash – Americans won’t tolerate sweeping change. Our national thinking doesn’t match our national bird. Our beloved bald eagle soars, but as a nation we prefer to creep along a la the endangered desert tortoise.

…President Barack Obama would love to soar higher, but his constituency has him tethered. The most unwarranted charge against our president is dubbing health care reform “Obamacare”. This law is nothing close to what President Obama campaigned for. This is a prime example of Americans not wanting to soar. The law sports some great changes. Insurance companies can’t just take premiums from healthy people and deny the sick. They can no longer pay for one or two procedures and then cancel. Young adults just getting started can now receive help from their parents by staying insured while they embark on a career. Children are better covered.

…but if President Obama had gotten his way “Obamacare” would be a single payer system that imitates what Congress has for their health care. What we got was a compromised example of Americans creeping….

Another feather in the president’s cap is his handling of the economic recovery. Are we recovered? No. Did President Obama’s plan avert disaster? Yes.

Big companies employing millions of workers are thriving – making record profits due to getting government money to stay afloat through the darkest days. Historically, bailout money is returned. This seems to be the case with this stimulus as well. In the end, the bailout will cost taxpayers nothing.

….consider more of his body of work. He eliminated pay discrimination with the Lilly Leadbetter law. There are now strict limits on credit card interest rates. The Food and Drug Administration reduced nicotine levels and enhanced warning labels on tobacco products. Student loans are administered by the Department of Education, cutting out middleman profits making the loans more affordable. The national service program that places volunteers in poverty stricken areas and schools, Americorps, has been extended. The New Start treaty has been ratified with Russia so we can keep track of their nuclear activity and continue to reduce the number of such arms.

More landmark change was the elimination of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regulations in the armed services. DADT began dealing with this human rights issue, but its time expired and new thinking was needed. President Obama saw to it that changes were made. Now, there are stricter punishments for hate crimes perpetrated due to sexual orientation. Women have greater access to the Veterans’ Administration.

This president has worked tirelessly for change and has accomplished more in just over two years than many administrations accomplish in four or even eight years. He would like to soar, and is doing as much as his voter activated tether will allow.

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