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pitiful piers

Sorry to inflict Piers Morgan on you again, but you have to hear this.

The good stuff: the wonderful Dionne Warwick.

The stomach-churning stuff – Morgan: “I’ve had a lot of African Americans on the show – intelligent ones – who have all been disappointed in his delivery of the great promise.”

First, “intelligent ones”? What?

Second, all the African Americans he’s had on his show – who he’s encouraged to express huge disappointment in the President – have criticized him?


Even Morgan “if I could vote for him 1,000 times, I would” Freeman …. last week?


Piers’ face was truly a picture when Dionne said: “I love that man. I think he is brilliant.”

Never mind Piers, you can try again with your next intelligent African American guest.


Piers Morgan on Twitter here


Thanks for the reminder globalcitizenlinda 😉


Morgan on Twitter last night:

“A bit clumsy”?


‘obama’s prudent policy on afghanistan’

E.J. Dionne: …. Prudence went on vacation during the administration of the second President Bush, but it’s back as the hallmark of President Obama’s approach to foreign policy. And it was the underlying theme of Obama’s speech on Afghanistan last week.

You would think this would be popular. But it turns out that Obama finds himself almost alone in his effort to define a broad new middle ground in international affairs. It’s not that the center isn’t holding. It’s that most politicians don’t seem to want to go near it.

….Obama is trying to get out of Afghanistan, carefully. He’s trying to put “a difficult decade” of war behind us. If he is reelected, he would chart a new course freed from the two enormous military engagements that George W. Bush undertook.

…His withdrawal schedule from Afghanistan is too slow for the doves, too quick for the hawks. In the case of Libya, he’s too aggressive for those weary of American military intervention and not bold enough for those who think the United States has a moral obligation to bring down the Gaddafi dictatorship. The fact that almost all our troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year goes unheralded.

…Obama is not being excessively prudent to worry that a quicker withdrawal could disrupt our alliances, undo our achievements on the ground and weaken our efforts to leave a relatively stable situation behind when we do get out…….his effort to find a more stable middle ground in foreign policy deserves more support than it’s getting.

Full article here



Random old photo to make you smile! President Barack Obama stands by a cut-out picture of First Lady Michelle Obama during a visit to Miami Central High School in Miami, Fla., March 4, 2011. (Pete Souza)


Morning everyone – I’m late getting started today, still catching up with the news. Will post more and will reply to your emails and comments asap!


BWD has a brilliant post on the reaction to last night’s 60 Minutes interview – don’t miss it, see here


Huge apologies to any one who tried to donate to Obama/Biden 2012 on The Obama Diary page of the OFA site – some of you had problems with the link (here) so I’m going to try to get that sorted out now. Also, I can’t find ‘The Obama Diary’ when I search the site, so I need to find out why. If anyone has any ideas about what the problem is, please let me know!


President Obama drives a new Chevy Volt during his tour of the General Motors Auto Plant in Hamtramck, Mich., July 30, 2010. (Pete Souza)

This is a great read from EJ Dionne about how the success of the bailout of the car industry has been almost completely ignored by the media, and how its critics (“Socialism!”) have not been called to account:

E.J. Dionne: Rescuing Detroit: No news about government’s good news … Don’t expect to see a lot of newspapers and Web sites with this headline: “Big Government Bailout Worked.” But it would be entirely accurate.

The actual headlines make the point. “Demand for fuel-efficient cars helps GM to $3.2 billion profit,” declared The Post. “GM Reports Earnings Tripled in First Quarter, as Revenue Jumped 15%,” reported the New York Times.

Far too little attention has been paid to the success of the government’s rescue of the Detroit-based auto companies, and almost no attention has been paid to how completely and utterly wrong bailout opponents were when they insisted it was doomed to failure … you won’t see a news conference where the bailout’s foes candidly acknowledge how mistaken they were.

The lack of accountability is stunning but not surprising. It reflects a deep bias in the way our political debate is carried out. The unexamined assumption of so much political reporting is that attacks on government’s capacity to do anything right make intuitive sense because “everybody knows” that government is basically inefficient and incompetent, especially when compared with the private sector.

Government failure gets a lot of coverage. That’s useful because government should be held accountable for its mistakes. What’s not okay is that we hear very little when government acts competently and even creatively….

Full article here

Steve Benen has posted about this too – see here


MSNBC: The latest NBC News poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Americans back President Obama’s decision not to release the photos taken after Osama bin Laden’s death. Fifty-two percent said they strongly believe the Obama administration should not release the photos, and an additional 12 percent agreed, although not as strongly…..


Okay, this has nothing to do with President Obama, but I just wanted to share my pain: I spend my life trying to convince cat-lovers that dogs are waaaaaaay more intelligent … and then along comes a video like this. Yes, this dog is trying to get a statue to play fetch with him. I can only assume he’s a Republican?





NYT: President Obama travels to ground zero in Lower Manhattan Thursday afternoon … he plans to lay a wreath at a memorial to the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks. He will also meet privately with family members of the victims, firefighters and other rescue workers who died in the September 2001 attacks.

…On Friday, the president will go on the road again to Fort Campbell in Kentucky for a less somber occasion: to pay tribute to those who flew the Navy Seal team to Bin Laden’s compound deep inside Pakistan. The Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which provided air transportation for the Navy assault team, is based at Fort Campbell.


E.J. Dionne (Washington Post): Barack Obama is not the man many Americans thought he was. This sudden realization has transformed American politics … The sheer audacity of the successful operation against Osama bin Laden has forced Obama’s friends and foes alike to reassess what they make of a chief executive who defies easy categorization and reveals less about himself than politicians are typically drawn to do.

Obama is hard to understand because he is many things and not just one thing. He has now proved that he can be bold at an operational level, even as he remains cautious at a philosophical level. His proclivity to gather facts and weigh alternatives does not lead automatically, in the venerable phrase, to the paralysis of analysis. It can also end in daring action tempered by prudence – for example, making sure that additional helicopters were available to our Navy SEALs.

… one of his close aides told me long ago, there is inside a very cool, tough, even hard man. Obama is not reluctant to use American military power …. because he ordered this attack, and because it was successful, no one will ever view Barack Obama in quite the same way again.

Full article here


(Thanks Lee)

Jo-Ann Armao: Right call on bin Laden photos …. I have to confess to breathing a sigh of relief on hearing the White House’s decision not to release photos of Osama bin Laden’s bloodied corpse. Just as I found the dance-on-his-grave celebrations that followed Sunday’s announcement of his death a tad unseemly, the idea of America proudly displaying its kill was unsettling.

….what purpose would be served by releasing these photos, said to be profoundly gruesome? Those who say it would eliminate questions about whether bin Laden actually died are kidding themselves that the bin Laden doubters would accept photos released by the U.S. government as real proof.

….the only purpose served by the photos’ release would have been to satisfy the morbid curiosity of a public that’s become accustomed to blood and violence as entertainment. The cost could well have been inflaming public opinion in places where American troops are serving and that’s simply – as the administration wisely determined – too high a price to pay.

Full article here


Eugene Robinson: Why I would’ve released the bin Laden photos … I understand why President Obama decided otherwise, and of course I respect that decision. But I think showing the world evidence – however gruesome – of the terrorist butcher’s death would have been the better call.

Why? Because while gory photographs would have inflamed some jihadists and wannabes, I believe they would have disillusioned and deflated others. A heroic myth of invulnerability had been built around bin Laden….Showing him in death would definitively refute any notion that bin Laden enjoyed some kind of divine protection. The myth would die with the man.

It’s also true that photographic evidence would silence most, but not all, of the conspiracy theorists … but this is just a secondary consideration, because the wing nuts won’t get any traction. I doubt that even Donald Trump is going to endorse a theory that requires calling Navy SEALs a bunch of bald-faced liars – not to mention the entire military and intelligence chains of command.

The reason to display the photos is to show bin Laden for what he really was: not a holy warrior, not a holy anything, but a deluded mass murderer who met the end he so richly deserved.

Full article here


The Fix (Washington Post): In the days since the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama has adopted a simple strategy: be big.

Big as in magnanimous. Big as in bipartisan (or, better yet, nonpartisan). Big as in inclusive.

…Let’s first revisit some of the decisions Obama has made in recent days.

* Obama’s speech announcing the death of bin Laden was somber and short – devoid of triumphalism or credit-taking.

* In making the decision not to release a photo of the deceased bin Laden … Obama made an appeal to a shared American value system. “That’s not who we are. We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies. We don’t need to spike the football.”

* Obama invited former President George W. Bush to attend a wreath-laying ceremony at Ground Zero tomorrow (Bush declined) and took a pass on making remarks at the event…

Full article here


‘no glory for governors trying to do the right fiscal thing’

EJ Dionne: If you want to get national attention as a governor these days, don’t try to be innovative about solving the problems you were elected to deal with – in education, transportation and health care. No, if you want ink and television time, just cut and cut and cut some more.

Almost no one in the national media is noticing governors who say the reasonable thing: that state budget deficits, caused largely by drops in revenue in the economic downturn, can’t be solved by cuts or tax increases alone.

…The brave ones are governors such as Jerry Brown in California, Dan Malloy in Connecticut, Pat Quinn in Illinois, Mark Dayton in Minnesota and Neil Abercrombie in Hawaii. They are declaring that you have to cut programs, even when your own side likes them, and raise taxes, which nobody likes much at all. Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chafee has warned of possible tax increases too.

…Consider the new budget Gov. Scott Walker announced in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Among other things, he proposed cutting state aid to schools by $834 million over the next two years, a 7.9 percent reduction.

…what’s happening in so many places now is a reckless rush to gut the parts of government that all but the most extreme libertarians support – and that truly deserve to be seen (one thinks of education and programs for poor children) as investments in the future.

And those governors doing the hard work trying to balance cutbacks and tax increases get ignored, because there’s nothing sexy about being responsible.

Full article here


‘deficit hawks and the games they play’

E J Dionne (Washington Post): …It’s satisfying to see President Obama ignore the willfully naive who are wailing over deficits. He knows that new revenue will have to play a big role in deficit reduction. He also knows that House Republicans are pretending we can cut our way out of this mess and would demagogue any general tax increases.

So he has proposed some serious spending cuts and some modest revenue increases to keep things stable as he embarks on a long struggle to move our dysfunctional budget politics to a better place. This annoys his deficit-obsessed critics … Obama should smile, let them rage and go about his business.

Let’s look at history… …by the end of the Clinton years, we had a handsome surplus … the economic downturn that started on Bush 43’s watch made everything worse, cutting revenue and requiring more deficit spending to get the economy moving.

Where were the moderate deficit hawks in all this? …when it’s the progressives’ turn in power, the deficit hawks become ferocious. They denounce liberals if they do not move immediately to address the shortfall left by conservatives. Thus, conservatives get to govern as they wish…

It’s a game for chumps. The conservatives play it brilliantly. By winning their tax cuts and slashing government revenue, they constrain what liberals can do whenever they get back into power…. I hope Obama has the spine to keep calling the bluff of the deficit hawks until they get serious about changing the politics of deficit reduction. We can’t afford another 30 years of fiscal evasion.

Read the full article here

Thank you for the link LOL – great article



EJ Dionne: ….It is not partisan to observe that there are cycles to violent rhetoric in our politics. In the late 1960s, violent talk (and sometimes violence itself) was more common on the far left. But since President Barack Obama’s election, it is incontestable that significant parts of the American far right have adopted a language of revolutionary violence in the name of overthrowing “tyranny.”

It is Obama’s opponents who carried guns to his speeches and cited Thomas Jefferson’s line that the tree of liberty “must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It was Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, who spoke of “Second Amendment remedies” in discussing “domestic enemies.” And, yes, it was Palin who put those gun sights over the districts of the Democrats she was trying to defeat, including Giffords’.

Full article here


campaign crooner



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