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afternoon all

A very good afternoon from Little Miss Cranky

Thanks for putting up with that whinge last night, and for understanding what I was rambling on about. From now until November (and for all of PBO’s second term too) this will be a ‘press on’ kind of blog, with not a whole lot of room for the doom merchants.

Just to make one thing clear:

Not in a million years am I asking anyone to stop commenting about the smears and lies out there, we need to know what crap is being spread so we can fight back with the truth with our friends/families, on Twitter/Facebook/comment sections on websites/emails to the MSM/newspapers, etc, etc. And I welcome – with a hearty hug – links to stuff exposing Romney and the GOP for what they are …. keep ’em coming!

At times that will make this place seem depressingly negative, but fighting the lies this year will be as important as reporting the good stuff – so hang on in there, it’ll be worth it in the end.

All I’m asking is that some of you – and it’s only a teency weency minority here – stop trying to put a dampener, using GOP talking points, on every single bit of encouraging news we get. And stop linking to comically awful GOP/Firebagger sites – instead, link to truth-tellers like Steve Benen and Greg Sargent who actually make an effort to expose the lies. I end up not being able to distinguish you from GOP/Firebagger trolls, even if you’re genuine supporters of the President. And I’m just not going to waste anymore time trying to figure it out, there’s more important work to be done.

So, keep on arguing, keep on being passionate about the issues that matter most to you, and keep on doing what you do here. You’re a completely amazing, inspirational bunch of people, I can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate you all.

And one last time: Personal abuse towards others here will never be tolerated – ever.

Okay, “with patient and firm determination”, let’s press on 😉

Chat away….


rise and shine

Morning everyone, will catch up in a while 😉


a word …. or several

There’s a new (cranky) sheriff in town

Hi everyone,

Apologies for another cranky post. It’s triggered by a less-than-chirpy week on the blog when some went out of their way to put a miserably negative spin on any positive news. There were times I felt like I had dropped in to HuffyPost, or

And then I got an email tonight from one of our friends here, pointing out some of the curious negativity in the comments the past few days, confirming what I’d already felt.

So, just a reminder:

– – – – > This is a place for those who support President Obama and who want him re-elected < – – – –

That’s simple enough to understand, right?

If you are not a supporter of the President, and would quite like to see Mr Bain occupy the Oval Office next year, then please, find somewhere else on the internet to play.

Even if you are a ‘supporter’ of the President, but are determined to demoralize everyone else with your endless GOP-talking-points-induced gloom, please find somewhere else on the internet to play.

GOP talking-point-crap, lies and smears about PBO, and links to sites that post that shit, are never welcome here. Ever.

**** Seriously, how many times do I have to say that? ***

So, I’m just going to block the people who post that stuff from here on in – and there’ll be no warnings or apologies. When your comments don’t appear, you’ll know you’re done here.

Again, “but, but, but…. PBO is doomed because [random wingnut name] say so” comments will go straight in to the trash.

As I’ve said time and time again, this is a place for supporters of the President to escape the bile they experience elsewhere. That doesn’t mean we can’t throw punches at each other and argue things out, it just means we have a common cause, and if you don’t share that cause then, please, go somewhere else.

I honestly don’t have the time – or desire – to argue it out, between now and November I only want people on the blog who are battling towards PBO’s re-election, anyone intent on trying to demoralize that effort ….. bye.

PS I asked someone recently to end their personal feud with someone else on the blog – they promised they would. And then they posted a miserably ugly personal attack on the same person, which I deleted as soon as I saw it. I won’t name the person, but they’re banned. I honestly try not to set many rules here, but the one rule that really matters to me is ‘no personal abuse’, we get enough of that on other sites we visit. Any one who can’t accept that rule …. sorry, this isn’t the place for you.







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