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Rise and Shine

Two years ago today, one of Pete Souza’s very great photos: “The President had attended the fourth grade closing ceremony for his daughter Sasha at her school in Bethesda, Md. As he was departing, he noticed some pre-school children peering out of a window at a child care facility adjacent to Sasha’s school so he walked over to say hello to them.”

If the Greenwald Groupies were putting a caption on the pic, it would most probably read:

‘OMG™! Illegal surveillance!’.


President Obama talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, June 8




10:25 AM: President Obama departs Palm Springs, CA


5:55: Arrives The White House



ZDNet: The real story in the NSA scandal is the collapse of journalism

Summary: A bombshell story published in the Washington Post this week alleged that the NSA had enlisted nine tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple, in a massive program of online spying. Now the story is unraveling, and the Post has quietly changed key details. What went wrong?

More here



I missed most of the news and developments yesterday, so flicked through the Twitter machine this morning to read what people were saying. And I see the Greenwald Groupies, urged on by their Dear Leader (and his personal fundraising campaign), now fear that Koch Boy will be taken out by evil Obama.

No, really.

Their fears were heightened when The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons tweeted this (and, needless to say, it was breathlessly retweeted by Greenwald):

“OMG™!!!!!!!!” was the gist of the Groupies’ reponse.

But Clemons then admitted he couldn’t actually identify the four people, and only had poor quality pics and audio (yes, he secretly recorded them, possibly illegally so, depending on that state’s laws – oh, the irony) so, not unreasonably, @BoloBoffin asked: “If you can’t identify them, how do you know they are US intel officials?”

Or, at the very least, wait until he could confirm they were intel officials before tweeting what he did? You know, journalism.

Soon after, Clemons began watering down his original tweet:

In other words, he had no clue who these people were – but his original tweet did the trick, it was RTed almost 1,000 times, got him lots of attention and earned him the love of Koch Boy and his sheeple.

If they were intel officials, did Clemons not consider the possibility that they might also be dufuses loudly talking macho crap in an airport lounge because they’re pissed off by Koch Boy’s attempts to damage intelligence gathering efforts on terrorist suspects? Or does he think they were loudly discussing in an airport lounge an actual plan to, um, ‘disappear’ Koch Boy?

Yep, this is where the Groupies are at.

Which takes us to….

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morning people

Clarence Clemons January 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011


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‘obama moved at warp speed on libya’

Steve Clemons (The Washington Note): ….President Obama has been criticized by many on the political left and right for moving too slowly in reacting to Libya – and while I have been one constantly urging caution – there is simply no truth to the notion that Obama dragged his heels in orchestrating action there.

Obama and his team … moved at warp speed compared to other potential and real humanitarian disasters to with the US and international community needed to respond.

Consider these cases (see here)

….Thus, by any standard … the decisions made by the Obama White House – whether one liked or disliked those decisions – happened at an incredible rate.

…. there is a tsunami of change happening now and the US needs to be careful about getting drawn in too deeply into any particular part of this transition … all that said, Obama and his team are moving at a comparatively lightning rate of speed on Libya – and simultaneously managing many other issues and crises at the same time…

I don’t agree with everything this White House does – but I have tremendous respect for the fact that Obama and his team have changed the dynamics of response to potential and real mass human tragedy.

Full article here







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