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A Word from BetseyC

by BetseyC

I would love to share my experience of the last two weeks of the campaign, when I went to Reno, Nevada as a member of the Vote Corps. The VC is another great idea of OFA: a group of people willing to move to a swing state for the last two or three weeks of the campaign, and commit to working on the campaign for at least 40 hours a week through the election. That meant that the young staffers and field organizers, who mostly appeared to be somewhere in their 20’s, essentially had a group of full time staffers who were mostly retired, bringing with them many years of experience in getting things done. Because it was Nevada, a lot of the volunteers were Californians. I’m a New Yorker, but I’ve spent the last year roaming the west in an RV, and Nevada was the closest swing state at the time.

I did what everyone else has been doing: canvassed, did data entry, took photos at a few GOTV events, bought healthy snacks, and, for the last four days, kept moving the army of volunteers at our staging location in and out, collecting the data they brought back from their canvasses, and preparing the lists to be brought around again. My shortest day — 10 hours — was my first. For the rest of the time I probably averaged 12 hours a day, still considerably shorter than our field organizers’ days. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.

I don’t like knocking on people’s doors. I’m old enough to have been brought up when it was important to be ladylike, and though I’m a very strong woman with strong opinions, I’m still too ladylike as far as I’m concerned. I also don’t like it when people call or knock on my door to try to convince me of something. So interrupting someone’s day, especially day after day, makes me uncomfortable.

But I had some great experiences. The first place I was sent is the largest and oldest mobile home park in the country. The area is divided into a fairly coherent grid, but the homes tended to be stuck haphazardly all over the place. There were lots of fences, behind which were LOTS of dogs, many of them pit bulls. Clearly, that’s the security system in Sun Valley. There were yards full of a wild profusion of things — bags of clothes, couches, boxes of dishes, old cans, hardware, even sea shells at one house. Despite the utter wildness of the place, or perhaps because of it, I liked it and kept asking to go back……

You can read the rest of Betsey’s post here


‘He helped lift my despair’

Jon C. Hopwood (Yahoo): I received news that my mother had passed just after midnight on Friday. Despite her Alzheimer’s, she had been my biggest fan. She was the first to see the photos I took at campaign events; she had even accompanied me to several events….

…. One, a Romney-Ryan rally at Saint Anselm College, had been an ordeal for her and she had asked me to take her away, away from the hate and bombast.

…. The motto of the Romney-Ryan campaign seems to be “every man for himself,” a command given sailors on a sinking ship. They had given up on America. I wanted to see Obama and his message of hope.

He did not disappoint. The 6,000 supporters who thronged the central square at the Strawberry Banke living museum had to wait two hours, but it was worth it … he did give me hope and helped lift my despair.

Because he cares. Barack Obama cares …. I felt like part of a community. A community that cares.

Back home, the following day, I collected some of Mom’s snapshots for her memorial … As I removed the photos, I discovered she had also tucked into the mirror frame a photo of President Obama and his family.

….. It was nice to know the man I chose to see the day after she passed, seeking to be comforted, had been there to comfort her in her final days.

Full article here


take a bow

Lynne Silosky, a niece of Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller, curtsies with First Lady Michelle Obama during a meeting with Miller’s family in the Oval Office, Oct. 6, 2010. Later, during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, President Barack Obama awarded Staff Sergeant Miller the Medal of Honor posthumously for his heroic actions in Afghanistan. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)







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