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Eric Boehlert (Media Matters): The new year got off to a dark, dismal start for Fox News when, on Monday, Gallup posted its latest polling results regarding Obama’s job rating: He hit it the 50 percent approval mark, having climbed nine points from a low in late October …

And there was more bad news for Fox this week. Another poll … found that nearly two-thirds of Americans hope Obama succeeds this year, while 73 percent “approve” of Obama as a person.

So why the sad faces at Fox News? Because it’s the job of Rupert Murdoch’s cable channel to make sure Obama fails … they remain dedicated to undermining and destroying his presidency. Not to hold Obama accountable or challenge his polices, but to destroy his presidency. Fox News’ entire corporate mission is to be an anchor around Obama’s neck and to drive his approval numbers into the 30s.

And right now, Fox News is losing…. it’s telling that the president has been able maintain that same level of support for more than a year despite a hyper-active right-wing media machine that … is dedicated to furiously attacking him on an hourly basis….

Yet in the face of that avalanche of invective, there Obama sat this week, right around Gallup’s 50 percent approval mark, which put him, at least temporarily, 13 points higher than where Ronald Reagan was at the same juncture of his first term in office. It must be driving Fox News bonkers.

…media hucksters like Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Malcolm and others understand that force feeding their fanatical base of Obama-hating fans an endless diet of Obama-hating content is good for business because it drives traffic and ratings. But beyond that hermetically sealed right-wing world, the endless, shrieking Obama attacks have transformed into background noise, albeit dangerous background noise that must be monitored and kept in check….

It’s that frantic, blinding hatred that binds the community together. It’s also that frantic, blinding hatred that more and more Americans seem to be tuning out … it appears most Americans have stopped listening to Obama’s most deranged critics….

This is a great article – read the full version here







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