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‘There for Amy: How Health Care Reform Helped One Iowa Couple’

Jeff Blum (Huffington Post): There are, perhaps, more than 100 million reasons to be thankful for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I want to mention just two of them.

Recently, thanks to USAction affiliate Iowa Citizen Action Network, we were introduced to Ross Daniels and Amy Ward. Their life – as difficult as it remains – would be in shambles today were it not for the ACA.

One year ago Amy … developed a rare fungal pneumonia called blastomycosis …. Within two days of being admitted to the hospital, she was placed on a ventilator as her lungs broke down. Her kidneys failed and she received dialysis …. She was given approximately one in three chance of survival, optimistic by many estimates.

Amy did survive, with the help of an astonishing array of the most advanced technology, medications, excellent doctors and amazing nurses. Ross watched Amy learn to walk again, and re-learn how to do the most basic activities of a normal life. Throughout this ordeal, there was one thing Ross didn’t have to worry about: their health insurance coverage running out. Because of the ACA – and yes, I will proudly call it Obamacare – Amy’s health insurance company had removed limits on coverage the year before.

….. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, while Amy was fighting for her life, Ross was able to cast aside worries of the potentially devastating impact this might have had on his family’s financial future….

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Many thanks to Ross Daniels for getting in touch and asking me to post this piece – I never usually post stuff from Huffington Post, but this one is more than worth it.

There was another post here last September about Amy and Ross (here)

Thank you again Ross, wishing you and Amy all the best in the world.







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