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‘is president obama intentionally raising gas prices?’

Stephen Stromberg (Washington Post): On Face the Nation Sunday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour … made a series of assertions about President Obama’s record on energy that suggests he was confused about it, intentionally misleading, or both.

Barbour argued that the president is purposely raising the price of energy …. an incredulous Bob Schieffer pressed the governor – does he really think that he can blame the president for those figures, and claim that it was all intentional?

Barbour doubled down, saying that Obama once favored a cap-and-trade program that would have mainly raised electricity prices. Yes, electricity prices, not gas prices. Different goods, different markets. Also, the Democrats’ cap-and-trade program never passed. It’s not policy. So it couldn’t be pushing any energy prices up at all, on electricity or gas.

Barbour went on to cite some of the Obama administration’s regulatory efforts, presumably those at the Environmental Protection Agency, that might affect energy prices. But they, too, are mainly aimed at the electricity and industrial sectors, not oil, and many of the EPA’s most controversial regulatory efforts haven’t come into force yet, either….

…A savvy player such as Barbour sees that high gas prices are a political weakness for the president, even though they aren’t Obama’s doing. It’s not surprising he would try to exploit that opening, even if it means losing at the logical consistency game.

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