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We Will Not Be Denied


First Lady Michelle Obama: “You Can Do Anything”

There will never be another like her



What Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand About Black Voters




I really believe that Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about the black vote in that he wants the black vote, but if he doesn’t get it he’s okay with that. I think that Sanders mentally is stuck back in the 60’s when it comes to the way he views African Americans. I think that Sanders admired the young black fire brands of the 60’s, I think that it instilled in him the way that he thinks African Americans should act. But Bernie’s problem is that he got left behind, those young black fire brands of the 60’s are now doctors and lawyers and teachers that now believe that to make a social change you must work within the system and not look for ways to blow up the system. I bet if you could read Bernie’s mind it would say “why aren’t these blacks out there raising hell and trying to blow up the system.” But what Bernie doesn’t understand is that in fact we are out there blowing up the system, we’re just doing it by becoming the first African American Attorney General, the first Latino Supreme Court Justice. That is how we blow up the system. You blow up the system by displaying a picture of a little black boy touching the hair of the first African American President in the Oval Office. That one picture alone is more powerful than anything Bernie Sanders has said since he decided to run for President.



The idea that what black people want from a president, is welfare. As though we are not lawyers, doctors, activists, educators, scientists, astronauts, and leaders in our communities. No, what we want is welfare. There are not enough f**ks yous in the world to the Bernie campaign


He truly knows nothing about black voters. Helloooo…great migration?!


America Under President Obama Means Progress



White House: A Historic Day For Our Judiciary

This morning, the Senate confirmed three federal judges. On the one hand, they are not unique; like all of the President’s judges and judicial nominees, they have the necessary intellect, experience, integrity, and temperament. But they are special in that each of them is a trailblazer on their courts:


Judge Darrin Gayles, confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, is the first openly gay African American man to be confirmed as a lifetime-appointed federal judge in our nation’s history.


Judge Salvador Mendoza, confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, is the first Hispanic judge to serve on his court.

Staci Yandle, confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, is the first African American to serve on her court and the first openly gay lifetime-appointed federal judge in Illinois.


Today’s confirmations also set historic milestones: For the first time in history, the Senate has confirmed two openly gay judges on the same day. President Obama has now appointed more female judges than any other President, breaking the record previously set by President Clinton. President Obama also has now appointed more Hispanic judges than any other President, breaking the record previously held by President George W. Bush. As we’ve said before, these “firsts” — and these milestones — are important, not because these judges will consider cases differently, but because a judiciary that better resembles our nation instills even greater confidence in our justice system, and because these judges will serve as role models for generations of lawyers to come. Congratulations to our newest federal judges, who we are confident will serve with honor, distinction, and fidelity to the rule of law.








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