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  1. 1 pkayden
    May 16, 2019 at 12:59 pm

  2. 2 Betsy
    May 16, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Yes it is.

  3. 3 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    LIVE NOW: Mayor Pete Buttigieg address City Club of Chicago – https://abcnews.go.com/Live

  4. 4 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    Trump tariffs have amounted to one of the largest tax increase in decades: analysis

  5. May 16, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    Awesome Spread ….Nerdy….

    Abortion is a Constitutional Right….#FullStop

  6. May 16, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    We are not without a way forward….esp if we take back the Senate

    • May 16, 2019 at 1:52 pm

      • 8 Obama Grandmama
        May 17, 2019 at 8:08 pm

        Roosevelt tried to “stack the courts” increasing the number of Supremes, but was stopped. At present I have forgotten who or what stopped him.

    • 9 marleysperson
      May 16, 2019 at 3:55 pm

      Been done before. We need to do it again

  7. 10 marleysperson
    May 16, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    I’m teary now seeing this important thread. Thank you, Nerdy. Thank you

  8. 11 marleysperson
    May 16, 2019 at 2:20 pm

  9. 12 marleysperson
    May 16, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    There’s smoke here… they need to follow this to its conclusion. NDA?? Are you fucking kidding me! Bound to silence? Not the actions of anything legit

  10. 13 todjey
    May 16, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Didint Stein say that some shenanigans took place … mind you she was raising funds. I always felt that machines were hacked … reinstate the rightful President.

  11. May 16, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    By Accident??😒

  12. 17 marleysperson
    May 16, 2019 at 3:58 pm

  13. May 16, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Well, well.

  14. May 16, 2019 at 6:30 pm


  15. May 16, 2019 at 6:36 pm

  16. May 16, 2019 at 6:48 pm

  17. 25 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    SOON – Sen. Warren campaigns in Fairfax, Va. – https://abcnews.go.com/Live

  18. 26 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 6:51 pm

  19. 27 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 6:58 pm

  20. 29 marleysperson
    May 16, 2019 at 7:22 pm

  21. May 16, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Just because these nasties make me enjoy dreaming of fast action karma thoughts every single day! 😂👀😔

    Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) Tweeted:
    Trump’s immigration plan seems designed to keep his relatives out.

    “Must be highly skilled”

    His mother was a maid with little education. Melania took her clothes off.

    “Must obey law”

    Melania worked in US illegally.

    “No relatives”

    The only way Melania’s parents got in. https://twitter.com/BettyBowers/status/1129105826587791361?s=17

  22. May 16, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    OMG, this is freakin’ unbelievable. This is supposed to be a work product? A plan for immigration reform? If I showed up at work with this garbage I be tossed out of the room. What a travesty.

    • 32 globalcitizenlinda
      May 16, 2019 at 8:33 pm

      one suspects that this is actually what was designed for him because he can’t understand much more than the little images and a few words.

      the head is full of garbage, and where that heart would be is either dark and hollow or brimming with evil

  23. 34 No Child Left Behind
    May 16, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Good Evening TODVille!

    Can someone wake me up when the last of the Democrats has declared his/her candidacy to unseat Orange Man?

  24. 36 Nerdy Wonka
    May 16, 2019 at 9:58 pm

  25. 37 Nerdy Wonka
    May 16, 2019 at 10:02 pm

  26. 39 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 10:14 pm

  27. May 16, 2019 at 10:20 pm

    Colbert’s monologue from last night. It’s one of those cackles, then: Ahem! And ran to my Webster’s. The vasectomy story did make me fall outta 😂

  28. 41 jer44
    May 16, 2019 at 10:37 pm

  29. May 16, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    #boycottalabama is building momentum. Lists are being compiled and will be out soon. Seems like a good chance I don’t consumer any of it, but if I do : Fuck that shit.

    • May 16, 2019 at 11:59 pm

      Am feeling you, Magapie! I’ve been trying hard to find my propers these long years of iQ45 & his MoFo’s. Even flipping thru “Webster’s”, mostly after seeing Colbert’s monologue from last night, I keep seeing “snip snip” for these despicables! And may scissors rain on their everything! (Yup, DF, my Webster’s just went up in a magical poof of smoke! Swear, I didn’t commit arson!) 😂

  30. 45 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 12:10 am


  31. 46 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 12:14 am

  32. May 17, 2019 at 1:23 am

    Yup …

    Also, Mueller is still at work and so is the FBI …

    • 49 whenpamelawandered
      May 17, 2019 at 1:40 am

      * the roger stone indictment was submitted with 9 TERRABYTES, eff’es like stone don’t go down alone.

      * the nyt must release the identity of the “anonymous” author of the op-ed attempt to “sooth” the country by describing “a civil takeover” of the USA.

      End of comment. Keep You All The Heart. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  33. May 17, 2019 at 2:17 am

    Former VP Biden will not receive my vote in the WA State Dem Primary.

    Goodnight TOD …

  34. May 17, 2019 at 8:12 am

  35. 56 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 8:16 am

    Morning everyone

    • May 17, 2019 at 11:03 am

      Surprise..the Putin Party criminal enterprise that cultivated the Kremlin in order to elect their puppet is against election security.
      So to stay out of jail they have to stymy the investigation every which way.

    • May 17, 2019 at 12:00 pm

      This needs to be shouted from the roof tops…the DEM Pres candidates should bring this up…news pundits should bring this up

      EVERYONE should be talking about this

  36. 60 jer44
    May 17, 2019 at 9:01 am

  37. 63 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 9:04 am


  38. 65 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 10:02 am

  39. 66 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 10:42 am

    Yes! Every year! h/t BJ

  40. May 17, 2019 at 11:08 am

    Trump is behind the Iran game even though he responds with “Who, me?”
    Why put Bolton in the position National Security Advisor if it wasn’t to replay his murderous, never-ending Iraq war playbook?
    Trump was going to pull this one out as soon as his media-staged success took a dive.

    • May 17, 2019 at 11:14 am

      1) Obsessed Bolton is a dangerous man who must be stopped. He hasn’t learned from what he did to Iraq and the world.
      2) Trumpsky wants to be savior and the Only One.
      So if this isn’t already the plan:
      3) He can now Fake Save us by telling Bolton N-O.

  41. 69 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 11:20 am

    He thinks we’re stupid like his cult followers

    • 70 marleysperson
      May 17, 2019 at 11:24 am

      Did someone say Sally Yates??

    • May 17, 2019 at 12:09 pm

      He knew about Flynn and he sure knew about Bolton.
      U.S. Department of Defense June 29 2016:
      U.S. Military Casualties: 4,424 total deaths (and 31,952 wounded in action.
      Wiki: 109,032 deaths = “Civilian” (66,081 deaths), “Host Nation” (15,196 deaths),”Enemy” (23,984 deaths), and “Friendly” (3,771 deaths).
      The Health Ministry of the Iraqi government recorded 87,215 Iraqi violent deaths between January 1, 2005, and February 28, 2009.

    • 72 Hillary Darton
      May 17, 2019 at 1:23 pm

      He lies all the time. He lies when there is no reason to lie. That crazy ass moron was told about Flynn.

  42. 73 marleysperson
    May 17, 2019 at 11:35 am


  43. May 17, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Call for investigation into McConnell’s Russia bribe from congressionals Waters, Schiff, Brown and Wyden:
    “Given that EN+ is a company substantially owned by individuals and entities with close ties to the Russian government, we believe the proposed transaction warrants immediate review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”
    -McConnell gave the green light to the Kremlin to attack our democracy:
    -By threatening and obstructing President Obama, who wanted Americans to know ahead of the 2106 election.

  44. May 17, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    I will not be voting for a white man in the dem Primary…Unless… something really influences me during the debates….

  45. May 17, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    “Historic: U.S. House of Representatives Passes the Equality Act.”
    “HRC hailed the historic passage of the Equality Act by the U.S. House of Representatives, the first time a chamber of Congress has approved a comprehensive LGBTQ civil rights bill. The crucially important, bipartisan legislation will finally provide clear, comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across the country in employment, housing, public spaces, education, jury services, credit and federal funding.”

    • May 17, 2019 at 12:48 pm

      HRC President Griffin:
      “Today’s historic vote is a major milestone for equality and sends a powerful and profound message to LGBTQ people, especially LGBTQ youth, that the U.S. House has their backs. No one’s rights should depend on which side of a state or city line they live on, and today we took a giant step forward in our journey toward full equality. This historic victory would not have been possible without the millions of LGBTQ people and our allies who organized, mobilized and turned out to elect a pro-equality majority in 2018. Now, we will take our fight to the U.S. Senate and turn up the pressure on Leader McConnell to allow a vote on this crucial legislation. And we won’t slow down in working to turn out the 10 million eligible LGBTQ voters and our millions more allies to elect a pro-equality president in 2020 who will sign the Equality Act into law.”

    • May 17, 2019 at 1:38 pm

      GROSS UPDATE from an hour ago:
      “Hardline conservative commentators claimed the bill will “unleash federal persecution of Christians,” lead to the nation’s downfall,
      and make the lord “vomit you out.”

  46. May 17, 2019 at 12:51 pm

  47. May 17, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Fabric swatches:
    “The barrier that President Trump wants to build along the Mexico border will be a steel bollard fence, not a concrete wall as he long promised, and the president is fine with that. He has a few other things he would like to change, though. The bollards, or “slats,” as he prefers to call them, should be painted “flat black,” a dark hue that would absorb heat in the summer, making the metal too hot for climbers to scale, Trump has recently told White House aides, Homeland Security officials and military engineers.”
    –Steve Benen today: “If the president wants to play make-believe, and he enjoys pretending to be an expert on border-barrier construction, perhaps there’s no harm in indulging him for a while.”

  48. 87 Betsy
    May 17, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Happy Birthday to our very own Tally @bardgal!!

  49. May 17, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Happy Birthday Tally🎂🍨

  50. 93 jacquelineoboomer
    May 17, 2019 at 5:55 pm

  51. 94 pkayden
    May 17, 2019 at 6:37 pm

  52. May 17, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Reality …

  53. May 17, 2019 at 7:52 pm

  54. May 17, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    Those House Dems better get on with enforcing the law rather than continuing to chit chat about it …

    Use or Lose It applies to enforcing the rule of law as much as it does to any form of authority.

  55. 99 tnmtngirl1
    May 17, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Hello. Anyone out there? I posted a HBD to Tally around 8:30. Nothing, nada since. Rest well, friends.

  56. May 18, 2019 at 12:42 am

  57. May 18, 2019 at 1:00 am

    It is exactly as it appears …

    Speaker Pelosi faces the only serious challenge to the Republic since 1861, and, before that winning the Revolutionary War + establishing a functional democracy.

    Goodnight TOD …

  58. 103 jacquelineoboomer
    May 18, 2019 at 1:08 am

  59. May 18, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Why was Barr confirmed as AG to begin with? Was he that effective in bamboozling everyone in those hearings whereby they “somehow” dis-remembered his recent audition article, then Iran Contra? In his smarkiness, he knows handcuffs are in his near future, otherwise why that snide comment to Nancy? 😏😔

  60. 107 marleysperson
    May 18, 2019 at 9:35 am

    Morning everyone

  61. 108 marleysperson
    May 18, 2019 at 9:41 am

    Grow a pair, Dems!

  62. 109 marleysperson
    May 18, 2019 at 9:45 am

    Share this his and then VOTE them out!!!

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