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Q&A With The First Lady


The Guardian

How did your mother, Marian Robinson, help you to be effective as a first lady?
Carole King, singer-songwriter

My mother helped me in very practical ways, like riding with Malia and Sasha to and from school when they were little, and caring for them at home when Barack and I had to be away for an event or an international conference. It was such a relief to know that she was always there as our backstop. And the girls loved it, too. Grandma’s rules were a little more lax than they were when I was growing up. I would sometimes ask her, “Where was that attitude when I was growing up?” She’d just laugh the way she always does. She loves being a grandmother. Beyond the practical side, though, my mom was my support in even deeper ways. She was often home when I’d come back to the residence after a day of work, sitting in her chair, watching Judge Judy or something like that. We’d just chat about everything – what she’d heard from the girls, how my day was going, anything that was on my mind.


Were there any rooms in the White House that you weren’t allowed into? Why not?
Otis Barkey and Aston Barnes, both 10, Abel Smith primary school, Hertford

I love the way you think! The White House was our daughters’ home for most of their childhood. They lived there longer than any other house we’ve lived in. And I wanted to make sure that they felt like we lived in a home, not a museum. So it was important to me that we could go wherever we wanted in the White House – no restrictions!


What’s the one moment you wish you could freeze in time?
Katy Perry, singer

I’m not one for a lot of nostalgia, honestly. I don’t spend a lot of time looking back or pining for what used to be. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind revisiting that summer when I first met Barack. It was magic. My father was still with us. I was living back home in Chicago and was exploring the world as a young professional. And then, this brilliant summer associate shows up, slowly chipping away at my defenses and eventually winning me over with his perspective, his grounded nature, his sense of humor. And oh, that smile

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